I turned in my resignation today!

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A few of you may remember from my post "It's my license on the line not theirs.."that I was ready to resign due to unsafe staffing on my tele floor as well as a long commute.Well,tonight I marched right on in during the best time to avoid anyone...change of shift of course, and put my letter and ID under managers door.Also told the unit sec to take me off the schedule forever.I'm not sure if I need to leave a message on the managers voicemail or not.She most likely will be out till Monday at 9am(manageres hours).I feel so much relief about leaving that place.My license is safe...for now.

night owl

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sharann, Good for you girl! I maybe doing the same thing! Read the post about Inactive license...... night owl

sharann, remember how I said I thought that we were leading parallel lives 3,000 miles apart. Your post about being exhausted on the night shift was exactly what I was going through at that time. I work a 6p-6a. Then your post about license on the line. I have stories to tell but not at this time. But they would blow your mind. We even gave our resignations the same day because of staffing and liability issues. I am sure that there are hundreds of nurses out there that are quitting daily. I just thought this was an interesting coincidence. But I slipped the resignation in the mail box but unfortunately I have to finish out my four weeks.. Going back to my safe tele job. :D


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:eek: You did not tell anyone face to face that you were quitting? And it sounds like you gave no notice! I realize things are bad at your job but burning bridges can really hurt you in the long run. Be VERY careful doing things like that.


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I have to agree with PhantomRN--it is not always the wisest choice to not give notice. When a potential employer calls your former hospital to ask for a reference, you may have been a phenomenal bedside nurse with a glowing evaluation, etc. However, legally speaking, the only question that can be asked of the former employer is whether or not they would re-hire you, and leaving without notice places you in the "will not rehire" category. As much as you are feeling relief about resigning, in the long run, it may benefit you more to rescind that resignation and resign with adequate notice. Just food for thought......good luck! :)

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I know I took a chance in quitting,but I was already on an indefinete leave of absence the past week due to an illness in the family.Even if I wanted to give more notice I couldn't.I did tell them to take me off the schedule and called the staffing office to alert them that I was resigning.I put in a call to the manager 5 days ago and haven't heard a word back yet.The leave of absenxe is a true leave,I just extended it to permanent.Anyhow,if I had stayed,I wwould have been in the position of refusing a 12 patient assignment which is the newest staffing ratios on our tele floor.They would probably be pissed at me either way.The place I am going to knows the score but wants to hire anyhow.Their staffing is much better.

Thanks for the thoughts though.I do know what you mean.


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We heard they had passed legislation in California related to the nurse/patient ratio!! Is this not true? Thanks!

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I belive the # was 10 for MedSurg.How a all tele floor became medsurg I don't know.Also,they are arguing about the actual numbers as well as when to implement the ratios.I last heard it was in 2002 sometime.If anyone knows,lets hear it.


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Hi Sharann,

I work on a medical/surgical floor in Ohio and some-but not all- of the patients are on telemetry. The Maximum nurse patient ratio is 6. Sometimes an RN may have 7 patients but not very often. On night shift the max pateint load is 8. Our floor also takes care of ventilator patients(not very often) and when there is a vent patient on the floor the ratio for an RN(the RN assigned to the vent patient) drops to 4 patients on days and evenings and 6 on nights. You were right to leave and with this nursing shortage you are pretty much guaranteed a job anywhere. Good Luck with your new position!

Kelly :) :) :) :) :cool:

Sharann & Moonshadeau-

Good luck to you both! It takes courage to make a decision like that.I wish you the best.

Va & others-

As for safe staffing, yes, California assembly bill 394 (safe staffing bill) did pass, and goes into effect in January 2002. There is some disagreement, however, between the nurses (California Nurses Association) and the "hospital industry" (i.e., California Hospital Association)before the ratios can be set. The Dept of Health Services is listening to pleas from both sides, as we speak.

*** Here are the California Nurses Association's (CNA) WONDERFUL proposed safe ratios: http://www.calnurse.org/cna/nrsptrt/cnaratios.pdf

CNA is holding town hall meetings so nurses can organize & support the safe ratios. The following link is an advertisement from CNA for the town hall meetings, and it also lists the HORRIBLE hospital association's (opposition) idea of nurse patient ratios:


Give me a break, hospital association! Those ratios are doing nobody any favors (except maybe saving you a few bucks by hiring insufficient staff!)

Each side has their own experts & detailed studies to support their proposed ratios.You can see they are VERY different.

For other info, and updates, you can visit the CNA website: www.calnurse.org


hmm So will that bill only apply for the state of California I wish there could be something done for Illinois as well or even nationwide because nurse to patient ratio is a big problem nationwide...... :confused:


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Just want to clear up a misunderstanding.

The Hospital Association does NOT back up their dangerous unsafe ratio proposal with ANY STUDY!

The California Nurses Association has a study using data reported by the hospitals to the government. If they say our data is wrong it IS what they got paid for! www.calnurse.org ;)

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