I think I passed NCLEX RN!!


hello all. i did the pvt and it said "this candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled." that's the "good pop up", i'm assuming. i will keep you all posted on my offical results:d. i had 75 questions, one calc (for you future nclex test takers out there make sure you know your conversions) 13 sata, many infection control questions and lots of priority questions! i did not pay $500 for the kaplan class, i did hurst in march. if i could do it all over again i would pick kaplan! this test taking strategies are great! i used the 2011-2012 kaplan strategy book. mnemonics also helped me a lot (most of them i found on here). for example.......

transmission-based precautions:


my - measles

chicken - chicken pox/varicella

hez - herpez zoster


private room - negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges/hr

mask, n95 for tb


think of spiderman!

s - sepsis

s - scarlet fever

s - streptococcal pharyngitis

p - parvovirus b19

p - pneumonia

p - pertussis

i - influenza

d - diptheria (pharyngeal)

e - epiglottitis

r - rubella

m - mumps

m - meningitis

m - mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia

an - adenovirus

private room or cohort


contact precaution


m - multidrug resistant organism

r - respiratory infection

s - skin infections *

w - wound infxn

e - enteric infxn - clostridium difficile

e - eye infxn - conjunctivitis

i hope this helps someone else. be blessed.


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Congrats on passing!!! I retake mines on Friday!


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Congrats! I'm taking mine tomorrow. I hope to get the same results as you! :)


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I GOT THE SAME MESSAGE!!! After reading all of the other posts I know that the message we got today is different than those posted previously, hoping this means we HAVE PASSED :-) YAY!!! Got 75 Q's with a ton of SATA!!!! Oyyy!!! Congrats!!!!


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I did my rn nclex on today at 10 am and after 1 tried the pvt its saying that the candidate has previously passed this exam .A new appointment cannot be scheduled.isthis a good up.:confused::confused::confused: i'm waiting for my quick results ,hope it will come by monday morning.


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This is true. I took my NCLEX on Tuesday, October 4th. Got home and an hour later received the message "candidate has previously passed this exam and can not register." Two days later found out that I had passed NCLEX!!!!