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  1. I was recently hired as a FT RN on a med/surg step down unit. I'm supposed to start on Monday. Yesterday, I went to occ. health and I told them I'm HOH. The occ health nurse insisted that she call the medical director. This morning, she calls me and ...
  2. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed"...is this right?

    I got that pop up too! I will be so happy once I get my offical results :)
  3. I think I passed NCLEX RN!!

    hello all. i did the pvt and it said "this candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled." that's the "good pop up", i'm assuming. i will keep you all posted on my offical results:d. i had 75 questions, one calc (fo...
  4. LTC?

  5. 2011 Graduates Put your hands up

    I graduated in July and take boards in Sept. I currently work as a CNA in a nursing home. I have the option to stay at the nursing home as an RN and work on a cart. I would prefer to work in a hospital on a med/surg floor. But i will take whatever. I...
  6. How to still stand out with a low GPA?

    I thought a 3.0 was a good GPA. I just graduated from an associate degree program and my final GPA is 2.8. My gpa is low but I had a 3.6 before entering nursing school. The courses are very tough so don't feel down. But to answer your question maybe ...
  7. job offer advice

    I would take Hopkins. Do you have a BSN?
  8. LTC?

    thanks so much! if i work on the skilled unit for a year do you think a hospital will accept that as experience? please reply soon
  9. Hesi exit exam

    Hesi is a HARD test! I wish you luck. I would suggest writing down the question and thinking about it before answering. That helped me a lot.
  10. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    Hi! I'm doing the Hurst live review now! Its great but if you dont have the money get this book by Marlene HUrst. http://www.amazon.com/Hurst-Reviews-NCLEX-RN-Review-Marlene/dp/0071484310/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1/175-5875127-6754243 Hope this helps
  11. What are you using to prepare for NCLEX?

    Hello! What are you using to prepare for NCLEX? I have Saunders, prentice hall nclex review book, lacharity delegation nclex book, kaplan strategy 2011 and hurst online. I use Saunders for the CD only, I read from Prentice Hall and use hurst as well....
  12. LTC?

    thats true!! thank you:D i know all the residents, all the nurses , the unit manager came to my pinning and she loves me! the only issue i might have is with CNAs i know having to tell them what to do (sort of speak)
  13. I PASSED YALL!!!! Yaaayyy!!! My experience...

    congrats :)
  14. LTC?

    Hello all. I'm a new grad RN that currently works as a CNA in a LTC facility (been there 2.5 years). My human resources manager told me when I get my ATT and temp license I can work there for 90 days. I am currently awaiting my ATT then hoping to sch...
  15. Hi. I would suggest using the tools you already have! You have Hogan, Saunders, Hesi, and Hurst. I just passed Hesi about 2 weeks ago. I would suggest taking your score report from the last Hesi you took to see where you need to work on. I would sugg...