HOH new nurse.....can I lose my job?


I was recently hired as a FT RN on a med/surg step down unit. I'm supposed to start on Monday. Yesterday, I went to occ. health and I told them I'm HOH. The occ health nurse insisted that she call the medical director. This morning, she calls me and says I have to meet with the medical director and my manager for some sort of accomadations meeting. I'm very upset because I feel like I will be fired. I've been praying and finally stopped crying. I pray that they still let me start on Monday. I've been reading up on disability rights and if they fire me it's against the LAW!!! Someone please respond. Did I do the right thing by telling them? I just wanted to be honest


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how HOH are you? i myself an 70% deaf in one ear and 10% on the other. i use a stethoscope with volume control that can go from the heart sounds to the lung sounds. i used to wear a hearing aide and got rid of it as a kid so i wouldnt become dependent. no one at the place i work or even in school have ever said anything about the hearing. i let them know because the stethoscope is massive haha. have you thought of those stethoscopes? their very helpful.

im pretty sure they cant fire you for being HOH. its considered a disability to some degree. as long as your patient care isnt affected then it shouldnt be a problem.


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littmann makes really good amplified stethoscopes!:D


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Look at Thinklabs DS32a+ and Cardionics.. they are the most popular models for AMPHL (association of medical professionals with hearing losses)....