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  1. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    I too foundout mine on my BON:nurse: :yeah:
  2. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

  3. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    I got the quick results on sunday morning :D Finally i became an RN
  4. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    I took my exam on friday 10 am and i came home after 1hr and i just checked after 3 hrs.i got the good pop up.Today mng i got the quick results i passed:yeah:.Thank Lord for helping me to pass.He guided me all the way through my exam .Thx everyone fo...
  5. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    do the pearson provide quick results on sunday??:uhoh3: waiting for some replies
  6. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    Hiii guys yesterday(sept 30) i had my exam i also got the same pop up stating that "the candidate has previously passed this exam".A new appointment cannot be scheduled .i'm worried is it a positive message?? :confused:.waiting for my quick results ...
  7. I think I passed NCLEX RN!!

    I did my rn nclex on today at 10 am and after 1 tried the pvt its saying that the candidate has previously passed this exam .A new appointment cannot be scheduled.isthis a good up.:confused: i'm waiting for my quick results ,hope it will come by mond...
  8. PVT Works, Lower Kaplan Scores, Encouragement for all-my story!

    congratz :yeah::yeah:
  9. oh ya u r residing in which state??
  10. Now i'm preparing with confidence.thx all for ur rply.i think i'm lacking in leadership and management since nt educated from here.any study suggestions to improve on that area.And also first time i passes pharmacology sessions.2nd times i was only n...
  11. thx for the encouragement
  12. Me from ohio state
  13. i'm planning to take my exam on june
  14. i'm from usa,did my nursing in i'm doing my kaplan online review but i'm getting very less scores like diagnostic 56% and readiness test 60%.i'm not all confident to write my exam again.minimum how many hours should i study??and how many qu...
  15. nclex-rn for new york

    thx for ur rply