PVT Trick says that I "previously passed"...is this right?

  1. A popup stating "The candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled" just came up tonight...after previously getting the "good" popup.....I took my test yesterday.....um....has anyone ever gotten this? ....I'm guessing it would have to mean that I passed?...Right?
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  3. by   davey111483
    we passed!!! i got the same pop up too. it says i recently passed and cannot reschedule!!!! wooooohoooooo!!!
  4. by   xkrystlex
    YAY!!! Davey im so excited for the both of us!! Congrats to you!! ...Are you still planning to pay for the quick results though if they become available? im still thinking about it...so i can actually tell family that i passed. LOL!
  5. by   davey111483
    we don't have quick results here in california so i'd just probably wait for my license in the mail. congratulations to you as well xkrystlex!! we did it!!
  6. by   xkrystlex
    Oh thats right, i forgot about Cali not having that.....at least this is a HUGE peace of mind!
  7. by   maritelrn
    me too got the same pop up...God is so good....Congrats guys!!:smiley_aa
  8. by   xkrystlex
    Thank you so much maritelrn, Congratulations to you too!! EEEEK! This is so exciting!
  9. by   xkrystlex
    Is anyone else STILL going to get the quick results, just to be sure? I'm pretty sure I am....just so i can tell people! LoL
  10. by   xkrystlex
    My quick results became available....i looked, and YES...I PASSED!
  11. by   werkinit
    Looks like they've changed the verbage on the good pop-up. I took my exam in early Sept & am having trouble w/ my results due to some transcript issues -- so I've been doing the PVT occasionally to relieve my stress.

    I did it just now and also got the "this candidate has previously passed this exam..." statement which is definitely not what they were posting earlier this month. Feels even better when they actually use the word "passed"

    I hope I get me real results soon, though.

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Passing NCLEX is a huge accomplishment!!!!
  12. by   Memoreeze
    i took mine over two weeks ago here in cali and haven't checked since the day after. even though i have never heard of the pvt being wrong, there still was a little doubt when i originally saw the old "good pop-up." thanks to you all on this thread, i just went and checked again, and sure enough, i too, am seeing that i definitely passed!!!!! what a huge relief and great blessing! that was so kind of them to change the wording and just let us know one way or the other. maybe they got sick of people calling and asking if the "trick" really works!!! anyway, thank you for letting us all know about the change!
    congratulations, nurses!!!!!! :redpinkhe :redpinkhe

  13. by   wastateneed2pass
    Hey...GOOD NEWS...I tried it last night and I got the same message saying that I passed!!! I still did the quick results and YES I DID PASS. I think they must have changed the good pop up because before the 5-10 maintenance work, it was telling me to contact my member board and I tried it again right after and it said that I passed. THANK GOD....I am an RN....that feels GOOD
  14. by   maritelrn
    yesss...they did a maintenance work before this new pop-up statement....it's great to know that word "passed"....it can relieve anxieties....lol....congrats to all!