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  1. jlcmb

    Taking Nclex the day after Halloween!!

    Yup no kidding :):):) I've been reading Saunders 5th Edition, did the NCSBN 3-week review, Kaplan Strategies, Exam Cram 3rd edition, enrolled Hurst Online and LaCharity PDA except that i'll be taking the NCLEX RN exam and i think you'll be taking the NCLEX PN :):) been reviewing for about 3 1/2 months ..... wow I think I overdid it yaiks :eek: Anyway good luck to all November takers !!!!
  2. jlcmb

    Taking Nclex the day after Halloween!!

    Good Luck trachkids .... We almost have the same materials used .... :)
  3. jlcmb

    Taking Nclex the day after Halloween!!

    I'm taking mine on Nov 1 too :) Good Luck to us cloudwatcher :):)
  4. jlcmb

    I passed my EXAM .california board with pearsonvue trick

    Hey Congratulations for passing NCLEX....am from DVO too :):):) SPC grad
  5. jlcmb

    I think I passed NCLEX RN!!

  6. jlcmb

    NCLEX-RN in Nov-Freaking out!

    I'm taking mine on November, too :):):) Best of Luck to us shannalim....
  7. jlcmb


  8. jlcmb

    Just failed...

    I'm from the Philippines, too but taking the exam here in LA on November....Yup just wait for your official result first before thinking of applying again...from what I know you have to wait 45 days before you can sched...Don't worry of not passing it the first time you are not alone :)...just do better on your second try (study harder and focus)...YOU CAN DO IT !!!
  9. jlcmb

    Taking NCLEX 3rd time on FRIDAY!

    Good Luck to you :) Everything will be okay as long as you surrender yourself to God...Believe in Him and nothing would be impossible :) Always think positive and believe that you can make it...You have studied hard and have waited for this challenge to come....Head forth with all the knowledge you got and use it to overcome NCLEX.....:nmbrn:
  10. jlcmb

    Took 265 questions and feel like horrible.

    Congratulations :anpom::anpom: Hope I get a GOOD POPUP too when I take my NCLEX on November...:)
  11. jlcmb

    Kaplan review book and disk

    Good Luck to you sjmoore....taking mine on November...:)

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