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I can't seem to find employment! Help!!!

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OK so I took and passed my boards Oct 7, 2014, I then received my my license within 2 weeks. I've been filling out applications to any and every company that hires LPN's in NJ and not 1 has called to schedule an interview with me. I literally drive up and down Northern and Central NJ looking for a facility that will hire me, but no one seems to want to hire me. I have experience in the medical field. I was a medical assistant for 5 years then became a Certified Home Health for 2 years. Now i'm a LPN and JOBLESS!!!! Does anybody know of a company/facility in Northern/Central NJ that are hiring LPN's???? I'm DESPERATE!!!!!

I am also an LPN in Northern NJ. It took me two and a half months to find a position. In order to find a job, I also endorsed my license to NY, got certified in ACLS, PALS, BLS, EKGs and IV certification. The job market here is very rough. I'm looking for another job now as my current job can not accommodate my schedule as an RN student, since this position involves quite a bit of travel. I am not finding leads. I don't want you to feel discouraged, but just know the job market is rough and sometimes it takes awhile. Have you considered volunteering at a nursing home?

When you say you've applied to every facility, does that include nursing homes and outpatient clinics? Chances are much better for that than acute care hospitals. Unfortunately, you are in a VERY saturated job market for nurses, and as a new grad, it's even worse.

Follow every single lead, even if it leads to part-time, to get your foot in the door. I'm assuming you've searched online job postings (like Monster.com, and regional Want Ads.com, right?).

Good luck!

Well I do plan on getting my IV certification and phlebotomy... maybe it is a good idea to volunteer at a nursing home. It's just so discouraging. Thank you for your advice.

Hang in there, I know the feeling. I am in the same situation. I know something will come up. Best wishes!;)

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It hasn't even been a month yet, calm down. Hiring people don't look and resumes that second they are delivered and schedule and interview and hire the next day!! Especially if they aren't in desperate need of people. Now, let me ask this, does your resume stand out from the others? Is everything spelled correctly? No gaps in employment? Do you have a great cover letter? Excellent references? When you dropped off your resume did you look clean, neat, and professional? Were these places actually hiring? These are all things that need to happen to get you a job. You have no idea the amount of people that drop of resumes or applications in pjs, hair not combed, basic words misspelled on resumes, their general appearance and attitude just stinks. Just make sure you are making a good first impression.


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I suggest you apply to drug rehab centers. I know they hire a lot of LPNs in Florida, so maybe they do up there also.


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Philadelphia to NY job market is very tight, so expect to take a few months to get an interview yet alone land a position. Check out the Philadelphia Business Journal, they often have NJ jobs listed.

I'd be willing to look at your resume if desired to help it shine. PM or email NRSKaren@allnurses.com

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LPNs have a rough time here on LI, NY. I'm assuming it's similar to Northern NJ. When I first got into nursing I worked with many great LPNs in the hospital, but they were phased out. Recently, they used to work LTC, but now that seems to be non BSN RNs who can't find jobs.

LPNs can get jobs in dialysis as well as office jobs- but unfortunately the office jobs they are treated as MAs.

Good luck. I would say develop as many other skills as possible and keep plugging.

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that is very nice of you NRSKAREN


i have been ER supv, and DON at several LTCs in Texas,

i did my own hiring, and will critique for you ...best of luck as us "ole fossils" need a rest :yes:


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Just kepp applying. Don't loose up. Try to find someone to evaluate your resume. Put all your valid credentials and try to apply as walk in as well. or maybe look for agencies? And some job searching website may help you too. Just apply and apply and try to call them to follow up you application as well. :)