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Imagine that you're the NightShift Supervisor and have been for quite awhile with all linens, medical supplies, residents rooms, exit doors,and entry door keys for access, locking or security when suddenly their aren't any keys and the above doors are inaccessible too you?

Imagine that you're responsible for 170 residents, 15 too 25 nursing staff and several of those in your care are Trachs all using misters,one with MRCA, cancer of the throat and he suddenly goes into distress with the medical supply room locked.

Imagine that you've made several calls trying to attain the keys for immediate entry with NO Call Backs and the nurse responsible for this residents direct care is in a panic as this resident is literally suffocating and close to Resp.Distress and the other residents are in need of sterile solution for their Trachs, but you've no access other that breaking into the supply room.

Imagine that you've reported same to the Nursing Consultants as well as the Administrator with the response being; "Why didn't you wait for Resp.Distress and then 911 him out?"

Imagine calling Corporate Headquarters and explaining this and they agreed with your decision which saved the residents life; not too mention that it protected your License, and told to ask for a 'Peer review' since the Administrator put you on indefinite suspension for "Destruction of Property."

Imagine attending the 'Peer Review' with witnesses notarized statements as well as them present; a notarized statement with the witness present that the Administrator had kicked-in the DONs door for paperwork and told it was all irrelevant because they wanted the 'Names' of those directly responsible for the door damage which you refused as you where the supervisor and instructed them to gain entry. The linen closet was entered by use of a credit card but the Medical Supply room had several dead-bolts and was unattainable with a credit card.

Imagine that you asked of your 'Peers'; "What should I have done?", and you were told that; "You could have called other facilities in the area requesting the needed medical supplies."


You explain that that was unethical since the facility had the necessary medical supplies and according to the Social Security Act, all doors should have been accessible; not too mention the embarrassment the Corporation would have to contend with and the State Investigation that most certainly would follow, which it did with several 'G' tags and others given.

Imagine that you're Terminated and asked to sign a 'Write-Up' at the close of the 'Peer Review' admitting to destruction of property or sabotage of facility?

Imagine that in your long career as a RN you've never,ever been written-up, too have this shoved in your face. You refused to sign; your terminated!

Imagine receiving a 'Certified Letter' with the write-up enclosed stating that you admitted to destruction or sabotage but refused to sign.

Imagine contacting the Ombudsman,Health Professions Bureau, ANA, VNA, local paper and all agreed with what you did but saying they couldn't do anything about it.


Imagine contacting an attorney and being told it's a 'TORT' issue which may take several years and that you also had a good cause for a 'Libel Suit', but...

Imagine that the facility in question lost not just the supervisor but CNA's, LPN's, RN's, ADON and DON next due in part to their total disregard for the residents care and staffing needs which you made it a point to express to the Administrator on numerous occasions only to be told that they had NO Authority to hire or address the issues which your response was to ask if they were primarily there as 'A SEAT WARMER.'



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I don't want to imagine a thing like that really!!

Is this a true story? Probably, even Hans Christian Andersen couldn't write a tale like this.

OMG, where are we going.........................?

Take care of yourself betts!, Renee


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I am speechless! I hope this finds its way to someone with a good legal connection and you get pm"d...Good luck, keep us updated LR


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It's true but it's only one of many unbelievable issues with this facility.

Imagine a day-shift manager that if you tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention she had you arrested and led out of the facility in handcuffs and charged with Battery? TRUTH!


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Originally posted by betts

It's true but it's only one of many unbelievable issues with this facility.

Imagine a day-shift manager that if you tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention she had you arrested and led out of the facility in handcuffs and charged with Battery? TRUTH!


OMG!! I have to agree with l.rae when it was said....I am speechless! I hope this finds its way to someone with a good legal connection......

Good luck! Keep us up to date.


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During nursing school I worked at a hospital which locked their crash carts with regular locks and keys. Of course when there was a code, no one could find the damn key! Someone had to kick the crap out of the cart to open it. Needless to say, I applied at another hospital after graduation, 15 extra miles away....DUH!:stone

Imagine getting a subpoena to appear in court (related to a CNA who claims she was suspended and Admistration claiming she quit. ) ..... THe Adminstration never gives you the subponea, never mentions it, then goes to court and tells them YOU refused to testify!!!..... How do you find out, an officer of the court calls your home while you are clueless and getting ready to go to work. ......

Sad but true. Only those in the nursing profession can believe these horror stories......

Nursing is the second hardest degree to obtain. Second only Engineering.........

Imagine Engineers getting the same treatment. The world would be horrified amn every Lawyer would beat a path to the engineers door.

And every one wonders why there is a shortage.


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Imagine calling in for three days to make sure you're not scheduled and find out you're scheduled for Monday Evening with a question mark.

Imagine calling the Administrator the third day to ask how long the 'Indefinite Suspenson' is and being told then that you're fired because they don't need a 'Supervisor' that destroys property.

Imagine that it's the 'Striker Plate Jam' thats broken and you find it cost them less than $100 whereas the 911 would have cost Thousands.

Imagine that during the whole 'Peer Review' that their only concern was the door and not once was the resident brought into question.

Imagine that the Health Professions Bureau informs you that if the resident had gone into Resp. Distress that your license would or could be suspended, pending investigation.

Imagine that a facility considers a door more important than anothers life.

Imagine that you've the personal coverage that would have paid for the door.

Imagine a VP in the Corporation telling you that if you questioned the findings of the 'Peer Review', you may ask and get his investigation which would be final but after you do, a few days later his secretary calls and says he doesn't do that.

Imagine the attorney you spoke with stating that under the circumstances you'd win hands down and get whatever you asked for then calling to say it didn't go your way and your attorney saying; "UNBELIEVABLE", but...

Imagine fighting Corporate $$$ over the next two or three years and being told; "If they pay."


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Betts, sounds like you have grounds for a whistleblower lawsuit. How sad for the residents!! I would try contactiung a olocal newspaper and sharing this story, at least then the families can know how much danger their loved ones are in, and move them out.

Is it too late to take the Dean's position??


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Imagine that this SNF with 170 residents and they also have an ALF directly behind with a RN on-call but, if it's an emergency they call you the only RN in the SNF at night.

Imagine that they refused to release the minutes of the 'Peer Review' or the proof that they were actually nurses within the Corporation.

Imagine that it took nearly a month for the 'Peer Review' with you the Bread Winner.

Imagine this Corporation being told to leave a State due to questionable care and law suits.

Imagine that you've a cousin in one of there facilities in the State that told them to leave and hearing from the then Administrator that they had NO Hot Water for baths and were boiling water on the stove for same.


Imagine how outraged you'd feel.

Imagine having all the proof needed and NOBODY can do anything.

Imagine that you've left the State in question to the State that expelled them.



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I've contacted the local papers,CNN, and the NP's as well as the Doctors about this. The paper&CNN said; "How Sad".

The NP's&Doctors informed me that they're not surprised and have given notice to said Corporation that they'd NOT be renewing their contract with them.

As I've stated, I've more than enough 'Legal Statements' to pursue the matter but not the money to fight this Corporation. My attorney advised me that I've three years in which to sue and that this Corporation has hundreds(attorney's words)of pending law-suits against them for several violations.

This facility advertises a sign-on bonus but usually never fullfills this obligation which accounts for many of the suits against them. They are in it for the $, not for Caregiving.

I've been following for the last month their advertising for CNAs,LPNs,and RNs as well as Administrators across the country and it boggles the mind!

I also failed to mention that when I called Corporate about my 'Indefinite Suspension' they informed me that the Administrator was under investigation.

I've also been told by 'Nurse Recruiters' and other facilities that when they contacted them about my employment history that they're told NOT to hire me as I'm NOT a game player and damage property without cause.

I declined a position as Assistant Dean in the Nursing Program of a University and am determined to return to Eldercare as a DON which I've had many offers and will post upon decision where.

Thanks all for your well-wishes but we've got to fight the attitudes that Corporations are taking in their dealings with Healthcare Givers. I take my oath as a Nurse to Heart and if I was ever put in the same situation, wouldn't hesitate in doing the same again.


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How about calling the families of the patients in the facility? How about calling your local TV station most have a consumer reporter who lives for this kind of stuff. Have you thought about calling the ACLU?? How about the National Enquirer-I am not kidding. How about one of those seedy talk shows that thrives on this kind of stuff. They would print or tell your horror story and then at least this place would be called on the carpet. I'd call JCAHO, State DOH, I'd consider standing on public property with a picket sign sending the message that you were unjustly fired for trying to, God forbid, help a patient! I'd also write to my local, state and federal reps in the govt. and demand they take action. If you bother the DOH enough they will act. Just state the facts and nothing but the facts. Try to remember when other incidents like these have occured. If this facility is owned by a corporation write to them.

One word of caution: if you do go "public" you can get blackballed from other facilities in your area. I still would go public but you should know that is a possibility.

There is a law in NJ called CEPA-COnscientious Employee Protection Act. Many states are now adopting the same type of thing. As stated above it is a whistleblower type of deal. If the DOH won't step in I'd report them to the State Attorney General.

I am mad as hell for you. I hope you get justice and that facility gets what it deserves so the residents will not suffer anymore.


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