I received a scholarship!!!!

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hey all, i am so happy right now. while i was on vacation recently i found out i received a scholarship i'd applied for. i had to interview with a nurse recruiter from a local hospital. i didn't think i would get it, but i did. i'm so happy i just had to share the good news!!!! this is a huge financial burden lifted off my shoulders because i'm attending a private university. i was selected for one of the two scholarships available. the hospital will pay my tuition while in school in exchange for a minimum 2 yr. work commitment. they will also pay for the nclex-rn after i graduate. i start my first day of nursing school tomorrow also. everyone pray for me!! ;)


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Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. What a wonderful surprise.


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Congradulations, here is Vegas we have a similar program at one of the hospital chains. They call it the "Adopt a Nurse" program. All you have to do is get accepted to an ADN program. They pay your tuition and in return you work for them for two years after graduation. It's also good because you are assigned a working nurse who becomes your mentor throughout the program.


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Way to go, TMarie!

Enjoy the education... and the experience! :)


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:balloons: Woo Hoo!!!!! Way to go Marie! :balloons:


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That is such a blessing! Congratulations and good luck to you.


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Awesome! Congratulations!! :)

manna, BSN, RN

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Congrats, that's awesome! I know you must be thrilled! :)

I was informed by someone in my chem class last night that the particular school I'm applying to has a number of PTK full-ride scholarships... I've got to find out if I can still get into PTK (was invited last semester, but transferred schools so I couldn't join there).. I figure the only way I'm going to be able to afford to go is if some money comes from somewhere! eek! :o


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congrats!!! Best of luck to you!!:D :D :D :D


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Wow that is great!!! Best of luck to you!!!

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