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I got into a BSN program this fall, and quit after 3 days. I basically got panicked, said "what the heck am I doing" and changed my major to business. It was so overwelming and I felt physically sick from it all. Now, I regret it. I hate business classes. They are boring, not challenging, and have no meaning. I want to go back to nursing, but I"m going to be a year behind due to course sequencing. I think I can take a few classes in the spring which will cut next fall's course load in half and make it much less overwhelming. I have no medical experience, so reading every textbook was like greek. I think if I take it more spaced out (maybe even part-time) I could do fine. I have a hard time learning alot really quickly. I usually have to read things at least 3 times, and hear them at least once to get it. I still want to be a nurse. I went to see my sister-in-law have her baby yesterday, and I almost cried because I want so bad to be a nurse, but I just quit the nursing program (too late to drop add now). :(

Has anyone else quit, and then regrouped and went back? I feel like such a failure. I wish I had just stuck it out. Now even if I go back, all my friends will be far ahead of me. And my husband will go, "youre going back to nursing? You better make up your mind and quit changing your major".

Also, the BSN program I was in is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my house. Some clinicals would be 2 hours away. There is an ADN program 15 minutes from my house with all clinicals within 40 minutes away. If I am only 2 years from a BSN, would it be stupid to go to an ADN program now, just for the convenience of its location? Will I be giving up a better education? For one, I really truely love the faculty at the BSN school (mostly because I know them already). I dont know what to do. I think I am going to volunteer at the hospital once a week for the rest of this semester just to get used to hospitals etc. I am stuck with my sucky business classes this semester, so I guess I'll just trudge through them. Maybe I could just get a BSN and minor in business? Since I'll have nearly a business minor by then.

Could someome please help me out, advise me, let me know i am not the only idiot who freaked and quit when I really do want to be a nurse?

The disipline of study that school is teaching you will only help you get your groove on. The fact that you stayed in school is in your favor. Believe me, the business classes will not hurt you to become a good nurse, and in the future possibly a nurse administrator. Any path to a nursing licence is a good path. The best nurses I have worked with have found ways to combine hands on, book learning, and compassion for others. No matter how you get there, or how late in life you do it is a worthy journey.


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Go for the BSN. It will pay off later in your career. It opens doors not available to ASN/ADN. NCLEX pass rates improve if you take a review course.


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The reality is that nursing school sucks. However, if you just hang in there, like anything else worthwhile, you'll make it. I'm almost done, I will be graduating in May, and it's the hardest thing I've ever done.


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I started nursing school in September 1989!! I got pretty much straight C's in all my sciences and fundamentals. (About all I did really well in was psych and creative writing!) Second semester, which was January 1990, I got a very bad pneumonia and had to withdraw. Went back the following fall and took some sciences etc, and then started the second semester Jan 91....and withdrew the day before classes started!!!

Fast forward to Sept 2004.....back again with WAY better grades (retook fundamentals!) and a much greater appreciation for what it takes to be a nurse. I will graduate in the spring.

So if you don't think its right for you, look around and see what else you want to do. Me, I worked in medical jobs for so long until I realized what I really want to do is be a nurse. You might just need more time to get to where you know you'll be.

Also, I don't think ADN programs are any easier than BSN programs. I think they are probably quite similar since both have to take the same NCLEX.


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ADNs learn all the same actual nursing coursework that BSNs do. TH eonly difference is some more generals and a couple of nurse management classes. If you think the ADN program may be right for you...go for it!

I was well on my way to a BSN program, until I became more and more horrified over the bureacracy...and they kept changing the entrance crietria twice a year or so. It was impossible to plan for it. Add to that the fact that there is no part-time BSN program in my area, and I decided to step by step it, LPN..bridge to RN...then there is a part time program available, for an RN to BSN....

I initially started back to school in 1992. Needless to say it didn't quite work out at the time....but I've always had nursing in the back of my head, even though I've changed majors a couple times.

Now that I've figured out a program that should work for me, I'm determined to see it through...

Good Luck!


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I would stick it out with the BSN program and finish your minor in business. This could prove to be a great combination for you in the future- nursing administration, entrepreneurship, etc. Definately be prepared to explain why you left though. I think if you are honest about the circumstances, the faculty will understand. Nursing school is really tough!

Good luck!


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:o Well I have been in school for about three weeks now, and quitting nursing to switch to something else is all I think about! I hope it gets better, but I don't know if it will. I am almost at the end of my rapidly fraying rope!

It's funny to see this post now! I posted here a year ago, and at the time HATED nursing school. That semester definitely was hard for me. Seeing this reminds me of how bad it was. However, now that I have tasted the bitter, everything is just nice and sweet now. Before, graduating in May was just going to be an ok experience, something like a stepping stone onto bigger and better things. Now, I can't wait! I really feel as though I have accomplished something so tough. Life is good again :).

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I thought it was funny that everyone is posting to this when the original post was from over a year ago! The original poster hasn't posted since!:chuckle

But, since I am in the same position, going back after a withdrawl 2 years ago, I enjoy everyones thoughts!



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I'm glad this thread got bumped, because it's been very informative and inspirational to a newbie like me (just starting pre-reqs next semester). I was especially happy to see someone said "non-traditional" students seem to have a slightly easier time of nursing school because of their life experience. I fall into that category and have done a ton of lay nursing, so I am hoping this will help pave the path for me.

Another poster said "get a subscription to a nursing journal" to help start learning medical terminology. I would like to do that, but I'm baffled about which journal to get. Any suggestions?

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You have to do what makes you happy. I bet you will find your husband will be happy that you are doing what you really want!!! NS is overwhelming but if its really for you, you will make it!!! :)


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It seems to be a common problem! I too have had my doubts about being a nurse since joining in 2003 and like most i've had my ups and downs! I love the idea of being a nurse for various reasons the main one being that i am a caring person, and love meeting people and feeling as though i have helped and made a difference. But although i don't have problems in practical areas i do have trouble with my academic side, so my thoughts are very much with you


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Another poster said "get a subscription to a nursing journal" to help start learning medical terminology. I would like to do that, but I'm baffled about which journal to get. Any suggestions?

Depending on the journal, it can get expensive. Go to your school library and check out the different nursing journals. Then only subscribe to the one that you are really interested. Or you can go to a local health or medical library and look at nursing journals. Often local hospitals have either a health or medical library which is also open to the public (they tend to hide it in the hospital real good and you have to go to the information desk and ask).

Take a look at http://nursing.advanceweb.com/main.aspx as this one is free.

"Nursing made incredibly easy" has a journal also and it is a good start.

Look at http://lane.stanford.edu/online/ej.html?subject=Nursing and you see a list of nursing related journals also.


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