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I got into a BSN program this fall, and quit after 3 days. I basically got panicked, said "what the heck am I doing" and changed my major to business. It was so overwelming and I felt physically sick from it all. Now, I regret it. I hate business classes. They are boring, not challenging, and have no meaning. I want to go back to nursing, but I"m going to be a year behind due to course sequencing. I think I can take a few classes in the spring which will cut next fall's course load in half and make it much less overwhelming. I have no medical experience, so reading every textbook was like greek. I think if I take it more spaced out (maybe even part-time) I could do fine. I have a hard time learning alot really quickly. I usually have to read things at least 3 times, and hear them at least once to get it. I still want to be a nurse. I went to see my sister-in-law have her baby yesterday, and I almost cried because I want so bad to be a nurse, but I just quit the nursing program (too late to drop add now). :(

Has anyone else quit, and then regrouped and went back? I feel like such a failure. I wish I had just stuck it out. Now even if I go back, all my friends will be far ahead of me. And my husband will go, "youre going back to nursing? You better make up your mind and quit changing your major".

Also, the BSN program I was in is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my house. Some clinicals would be 2 hours away. There is an ADN program 15 minutes from my house with all clinicals within 40 minutes away. If I am only 2 years from a BSN, would it be stupid to go to an ADN program now, just for the convenience of its location? Will I be giving up a better education? For one, I really truely love the faculty at the BSN school (mostly because I know them already). I dont know what to do. I think I am going to volunteer at the hospital once a week for the rest of this semester just to get used to hospitals etc. I am stuck with my sucky business classes this semester, so I guess I'll just trudge through them. Maybe I could just get a BSN and minor in business? Since I'll have nearly a business minor by then.

Could someome please help me out, advise me, let me know i am not the only idiot who freaked and quit when I really do want to be a nurse?


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I just started Nursing 1 last week and quitting has crossed my mind. Im the same way with reading, I have to read things a few times before getting it and its all like greek to me. I cried all weekend. Its so overwhelming. I'm so confused and don't know what to do, and then I read your post saying it was a mistake to quit. You've actually helped me to maybe stick it out alittle longer.

Best of luck to you. Check out the ADN program, from what I've read they're easier as far as amount of material if you have your prereqs done and more hands on, and that might be whats best for you. You can always get your BSN later.


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I feel your pain. I finished one year of nursing school and then started back this semester to go 2 weeks and then drop out. It's the biggest regret of my life. I was so stressed out from going all summer, my husband and I almost got a divorce, we are in a huge amount of financial debt.... I just felt like I couldn't take it anymore. Having these last 2 weeks off and able to reflect.... I know now I have made the biggest mistake of my life by quitting. I have to wait a whole year before I can start back due to sequencing of the classes also. But I am determined to do this more than ever now. I am taking a class this semester and Pharmocology next semester to get those out of the way for next year. It will ease my load as well. I was accepted into an ADN program of 24 people, all of which came from a medical background except for me and another girl. I felt so inferior to my class. I constantly doubted myself and my ability to be a nurse. I made really good grades but the clinical portion kept me a nervous wreck all the time. I just didn't feel like I was applying my skills in class to the clinical setting. It was really hard for me to learn how to become a critical thinker. I would have graduated May 2005.... now it will be May 2006. :crying2:

If nursing is what you want to do... don't be afraid to go back. It's tough but I think the rewards of being a nurse outweigh the sacrifices we must make to get there. I think volunteering is a great idea. I am starting an externship at one of my local hospitals on the 20th. I'm excited and really looking forward to that. I think externing for the next year will give me added confidence that I so desperately need. I wish you the best of luck in what ever decision you make. But if nursing is truly what you want to do.... please don't give up.


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from what I've read they're easier as far as amount of material i


I have not read they are easier!!! I will be applying to both a Adn and Bsn this winter and guess what no matter which I get into when I finish I will still be an RN.


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I've seen "it's all greek to me" mentioned a couple of times in this thread. Medical terminology is a different language--add that to the stress of nursing school in general, it's no wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Have you taken a med terminology class yet? In addition to taking the class, you should get a subscription to a nursing journal so you can easily read and understand the language. Hope this helps!

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You are not an idiot. I didn't do it exactly like that, but I turned down the program the first time I got in and asked to be put on the next's years list and then did the same thing the next year. By the time I finally had the courage and time to go I had all the co-req classes done and had an easier time.

Stop beating yourself up. Life is too short. Good luck!!


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:o Well I have been in school for about three weeks now, and quitting nursing to switch to something else is all I think about! I hope it gets better, but I don't know if it will. I am almost at the end of my rapidly fraying rope!


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AWWWW... People, please don't be discouraged and quit altogether... Trust me you don't have to quit, because nursing school has its own way of ridding you if you let it, you don't have to quit... not everyone, at first, had a clue about the nursing or medical field, they just knew they wanted it and rolled with the punches as we do for anything else in our lives and you have to start somewhere, and what GOD has started HE is faithful to complete it... Good luck. Try and hang in there...JMHO.

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I got into a BSN program this fall, and quit after 3 days. I basically got panicked, said "what the heck am I doing" and changed my major to business.

Oh Prairie, I feel for you Hun. I started an ADN Program last month and someone left after the first week - she didn't want the stress of it all I heard. There are 43 in my Class and for the first week before I knew anyone, I thought I was the only one totally overwhelmed. Since we've all gotten to know each other a bit we've all realized "we're all in the same boat" (totally stressed out). None of us have been a "Nurse" and although some of us have medical experience (myself included) - there was nothing that really could have prepared us for what Nursing School involves.

The amount of material they throw at you all at once to read/study/memorize/know and be able to put into practice is incredibly overwhelming to say the least. We just had our first Fund. of Nursing Test today - I studied my behind off - spent at least 30 hours (at home, all weekend, never taking my head out of the books) taking many practice tests, totally ignoring my family - but I felt very prepared for it. The wording of the test was nothing like what we had gone over in class or had studied in the book. You've probably heard that Nursing Tests always have at least 2 possible "right answers" but only 1 best answer. We've only been in school for a few weeks and trying to think "like a Nurse" and what she would do in each situation was pretty hard to do after just a few weeks of classes. We all walked out of the test looking like "shell-shock victims" - no kidding.

Honestly, there were plenty of people who were wondering if they made the right career choice. I'm the type that if I even think there's a possibility of failing - I run/quit/whatever. I wanted to run today, but I've wanted this for a long time, truly feel a calling for it had to remind myself all I went through to get this far. I have a lot of Faith and have to think that I came to this point in my life for a reason - so I decided today that I'll just keep at it and see where it leads me.. Best of Luck to you. Susan


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To those of you who have quit or are feeling totally overwhelmed - it's ok! I have successfully made it through 3 semesters of pre-reqs and 2 semesters of nursing school in my BSN program and I will tell you this, everyone in the program (and I mean everyone!) was so stressed during the entire first semester with nursing stuff we all had the intention to change our major to business or elementary education! The first month was the worst. I would drive home crying everyday and cry on the way to class because I felt I was in over my head. I am one of the youngest students in my group and it just seemed that the non-traditional students had so much more knowledge from life-experience dealing with medical and nursing issues. Although I had a psych major lined up just in case, I just really decided to stick it out. One of my instructors told us the first day of class to just take one day a week during the weekend and do absolutely no school work, just rest. I think most of my fellow classmates were too wary to follow her advice, but since I was bordering on a nervous breakdown I decided why not give it a try. Having a day of "me" time has been my savior these last two semesters. I am quite a worry-wart and it is difficult to just say, oh I'll just do as good as I can do without getting too stressed over it.

When I look back on it I am SO relieved that I stuck with it. The first semester was nursing school boot camp. I really believe it was just a "weeding out" of those who weren't meant to do this. Now my classes are so laid back and fun, my instructors are so much friendlier, and my courseload is much lighter that it seemed that first semester. Those of you who quit and regret it, don't hesitate to go back! Maybe the lighter semester will help you slide into the swing of things for nursing school. So anywho, my advice to you first-semester students is just to take a deep breath and realize how much smarter and stronger you will be when it is all over. If I can do it, anyone can! :rolleyes:


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Also, the BSN program I was in is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my house. Some clinicals would be 2 hours away. There is an ADN program 15 minutes from my house with all clinicals within 40 minutes away. If I am only 2 years from a BSN, would it be stupid to go to an ADN program now, just for the convenience of its location? Will I be giving up a better education?

I had the same problem, and different people have different perspectives on this. The BSN program I looked at was also an hour away, often two hours one way with clinicals. But, I checked the program's NCLEX pass rate and it was only 70 percent, which is pretty bad. So I went with the ADN.

Even if the program's NCLEX pass rate wasn't so bad, the commute still wouldn't have been worth it to me. You're looking at two hours a day (often three/four hours when there's unanticipated accidents, bad traffic and clinical days) and that's a huge chunk out of your daily study time.

There's no difference in pay or preference between BSN and ADN grads in my area. And hospitals will pay for me to finish my BSN once I graduate. There are so many accredited online ADN-BSN programs now, I decided to save myself the hassle and go ADN.

But, having said that, it is worth it to some people to go ahead and get the BSN done early, even with extremely long commutes. It's really a matter of personal preference.



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I'm in my 4th week of an LPN program and I've just started the feeling of being overwhelmed. We had Vital Sign check-offs yesterday and I totally messed up on the B/P. I feel like I can't do anything else. My fiancee is very supportive and I know he won't allow for me to quit because of one little mistake. But I know if I quit I'll regret it because I've been wanting this since I was a freshman in high school. I"m not going to give up. I just have Faith in God that he'll guide me through this.

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