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Doing prereq for nursing school right now. Second career after close to 2 decades of telcom.

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  1. You might want to scan the following classics (a good library should have it) and maybe you'll get some good ideas: The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Substance Abuse Counselers by Shawn Christopher S...
  2. I am just curious, with all the Britney Spear thing going on... I am just wondering if there are any HIPPA violation? I thought when a pt is in a psych unit, it is suppose to be confidential. I mean how in the world are we getting all these news abo...
  3. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Good point. Didn't thing about that one. About our life expectancy is getting longer and longer... at least in the developed countries.
  4. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/ttresponse.html Ok, here is a response from some of the critiques of the JAMA article. If anyone know of a response to that response, post. On another note, the editor of JAMA who published the articl...
  5. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Thanks to Zenman, I've found the critique of the AMA article by the skeptic society. For your convience, here it is: http://www.rationalmagic.com/RMS/rms-jamacrit.html http://www.rationalmagic.com/RMS/rms-edit.html Probably should read this one also...
  6. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    What!!!!!! You are working for me! I ain't paying you a dime! :) Thanks for the ref.
  7. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    I think it is relatively new. If your professor is a Wholistic nurse, you might get extra point :). The energy concept in the context of the alter energy diagnosis is an old concept repackaged. The concept has different names depending on different...
  8. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Have no idea. But from the roots of thw word, it might mean how the relationship between the biochemistry of our brain and our psychology affect our immune system. Just a guess. Sort of this "mind-body" thing and how it affects our immune system....
  9. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    If alll the stuff we talked about in this thread turned out to be 100% rubbish... well... those of us who think we are enlightened will eat humble pie and you just save yourself tons of time and energy. I don't think your involvement in this thre...
  10. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Some probably will do lots of harm and some will do lots of good. Let's hope it washes out even or maybe even a bit toward the positive.
  11. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    to save me some time, can you give me the actual reference that jama admits that this particular study is a mistake? another observation, what about the tt practioners who agreed to participate in this studies? they need some retraiing then? i mean i...
  12. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Where do you work? What unit? I think I will try to apply where you work and at your unit. :)
  13. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Here is another thought. With herbs and stuff, the West has a tendency to figure out what is the active ingredient and turn it into a pill. Advantage is that it is convient (e.g. Chinese herbal medicine takes forever to cook quite often and it usuall...
  14. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"

    Probably more accurate to say one is uninform in faith healing. Also probably should watch out for binary or black/white thinking that we tends to get into. In reality, one could be totally uninform about faith healing, somewhat inform, inform, exp...
  15. Nursing diagnosis "altered energy field"