I had 75 questions on the NCLEX..I do NOT think I passed


Hello, I was wondering if any out there or if anyone knows of anyone who failed at 75 questions? I took my exam today and am almost POSITIVE I failed. I am freaking out. I know most people pass at 75, but I feel like I am the small percent that failed. Please let me know if you have heard of anyone failing with this many questions. Thanks a ton!!

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Everyone feels like they failed. I just knew I failed and I had 75 questions... You could probably search this forum and find a post from me 2 years ago that was exactly like yours. I knew I failed but I didn't.

Tell us what makes you think you failed?

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Everyone feels as if they failed and many don't. 85% pass first time when trained in the US

Good luck


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I agree with the above poster, I also had 75 questions and just knew I had failed (I didn't, I passed). The 48 hour wait was horrible!

Every nurse I talked to said the same thing, they came out of the NCLEX knowing that they were the dumbest person alive, some passed the first time, some didn't. If you don't pass the first time, it doesn't mean that you are meant to be a nurse (as some of my friends felt), it just meant that they failed on the first attempt.

Take a deep breath, try to relax, do something totally different than studying, get a massage, whatever to try and take your mind off of the NCLEX. If you are in a state where they allow the Pearson results, check it in a couple of days.

Let us know in a couple of days what your results are.


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The number or amount of questions has absolutely nothing to do with whether you pass or not. Most come out of the test center feeling like they failed. ( I was one of them ) But, like already said 85% pass first time. ( US trained that is ) Try to distract yourself while you wait for the official results. Good luck.



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The reason I feel like I failed is because one of my questions (kinda towards the end) was like What is the action of Prevacid? and obviously its a proton pump inhibitor but i just dont feel like that question is at the comprehensive level of passing?? Then i had a lot of meds that I had no idea and after my exam i came home to look up answers, and they were wrong! i dont know im just freaking out, it sucks waiting! i know u all know where im coming from :)


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I can completely sympathize. I got my last question wrong and had myself convinced I failed. ( it was a basic question and I can't believe I had missed something so simple ) I still passed. I also had a few meds that I had never heard of too, which also gave me reason to stress. Best advise is to ditract yourself while you wait. Focus on Christmas shopping or decorating. Good luck.{{{ HUGS }}}


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I know how you are feeling. In September, I too only had 75 questions and the last couple were very easy, basic questions, but I was stressing about whether there was going to be more than 75 questions and I know I answered those questions wrong. I was so sure I had failed! But 2 days later I got the results that I had passed :). So, my suggestion is try not to overstress (easier said than done I know!) You may be pleasantly surprised with your results. Good Luck!


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I Passed With 75 Questions But I Nkow I Got My Last Question Wrong So Keep The Faith You Never Know Maybe You Passed


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Think positive and pray!!!!! I took my Nclex yesterday and the computer shut off at 75 too. I'm just trying to relax which is hard to do but I'm thinking positive. I'm just distracting my mind by playing gospel songs and catching up on tv watching. ;)I know I did my best, studied and have left it in God's hands. :saint:


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Same here. I took my NCLEX last Dec 5, and I came out with 75 questions. But I couldn't remember them. All I know is the last one was cushing's which was very basic and I couldn't remember it. I know I memorized all the signs and symptoms but it didn't come out in the choices. SO I THINK I REALLY FAILED. I'm just waiting. Too bad, I don't have an SSN yet so I can't really check on the website. THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!


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GUESS WHAT LADIES (and gentleman) haha.......................i passed!! SO HAPPY....and everyone who is going through what i was going through...dont stress, itll all be ok. if i passed and i was sure i didnt, then anyone can pass! i feel as though if your computer shuts off after 75 questions, the results are in your benefit (for the most part!)

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