I passed!


I'm so happy, my final grade for the semester is a 'B'.

I will graduate on Friday evening.:D

I'll be studying for the NCLEX now:roll


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As if there was any doubt. Congratulations. I have my last final in 2 hours and what am I doing? My graduation is friday also. Good luck on your studys for NCLEX.


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Congrats to both of you!


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Mine is Friday at 6pm.. :) Can't wait..

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I'll graduate Friday night also! Congrats to everyone who has made it this year!


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Congratulations to everyone, super job!!!:D

Congratulations to all of you....what an accomplishment! Just remember me....I'll be starting nursing school in January! :) Good luck to all of you taking the NCLEX also!


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Congrats to all the grads!!!! and goodluck:)

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Woooooot! Congo rats to all of you graduating!!


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Thanks everyone and congrats to all the other Dec. Grads. :balloons: :nurse:

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Congratulations and best of luck to all who are graduating ! :balloons: :nurse: :)