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I passed the nclex, now what?


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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happens now? I passed my nclex I found out through pearson vue. will i get something from my state board ( I LIVE IN NC)? When do I get a license number?

Selene006, BSN, LPN

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Here in Massachusetts, once the test results are posted on Pearson Vue, you can view your license number on the BON's website. Two weeks after I passed the NCLEX, I received a letter from the BON confirming that I passed the NCLEX (officially), and that the license number could be viewed on the BON's website. The letter also stated that I would recieve my license within 21 days, but the license came sooner than that.

I passed the NCLEX on August 20, called the BON today.. and they gave me my license number over the phone. It has been sent out they said and I can expect it in 7-10 days. It still hasnt showed up on their website. After speaking with them and for no other reason than I wanted to, I checked their automated system and there I was! When I passed the NCLEX i felt exactly how you did. Hang in there, it will come. And hey CONGRATS on passing the NCLEX:yeah:!!!

i don't know what happens next after passing but i just wanted to say congrats on passing!!!!!


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Hi, I received my license in 7 days, which surprised me, start looking for a job before it comes, sometimes it takes time to find a position.


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i took the nclex on the 7th of august and it took 2 weeks before i got my license from the state i live in. i was working on a temporary license though. by the way congrats. what a relief:yeah:


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