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  1. ar0883

    Took NCLEX PN Aug. 30th.....85 quest.

    try to stay positive. don't get down on yourself! believe that you did okay. i'm thinking about you.
  2. ar0883

    I passed the nclex, now what?

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happens now? I passed my nclex I found out through pearson vue. will i get something from my state board ( I LIVE IN NC)? When do I get a license number?
  3. ar0883

    took LPN Nclex today

    I took my nclex pn on fri the 29th. I felt awful about mine also. My computer cut off at 85 questions and I honestly can't think of one question that I got right. My state has fast results so I found out on sunday that I passed. I'm sure both of you did well. Try to find something to occupy your time until you find out. Best Wishes.
  4. ar0883

    Took NCLEX PN Aug. 30th.....85 quest.

    You have already studied so much. Give your mind and body a break and take it easy. I know its hard. I thought I had failed, but I didn't!! I think everyone feels like they did bad. Best wishes to you. :loveya:
  5. ar0883

    Took NCLEX PN Aug. 30th.....85 quest.

    i took mine the 29th. my test had lots of rooming in and sata and meds. i found out this am that i passsed. mine too had 85 q's/ i'm sure that you did fine. try to relax:redpinkhe
  6. ar0883

    Nclex Tuesday

    I just took the NCLEX PN on friday, found out this morning that I passed. The computer cut off at 85. You are right it is like no other test, but you can pass it. I did lots of questions before taking it. I did about 100 a day. Just remember to breathe and try to relax. Remember the ABC's and priority. You will be fine. Post back when you pass!! Good Luck:nurse:
  7. ar0883

    pearson- quick results- no link??

    congrats!!! its a great feeling isn't it!! now we are both nurses!!!!!:yeah::yeah:
  8. ar0883

    pearson- quick results- no link??

    when the results are ready it will say exam results available and turn into a link. then you can click on it and pay and see that you passed!!!! good luck. i'm sure you did fine.
  9. ar0883

    So Happy!!!

    Just wanted to thank everyone for listening to me the past few days. I can proudly say that I'm a LPN now :) Good luck to everyone else!!! Have faith and you can pass the nclex monster!
  10. ar0883

    how many questions on your nclex pn?

    thanks for the encouragement. i just keep thinking about it and thinking of ones that i got wrong. i'm really worried.
  11. Just wondering how many questions people had on the pn exam and if you passed or failed? I find out in the am, I had 85 questions and I honestly don't know what to think about it.
  12. ar0883

    the wait is killing me!

    took the nclex pn on friday, find out tomorrow what happened. i'm so nervous and feel like i failed. anyone else feel that way? also does any one know what the earliest it would be available on the pearsonvue website? i'm in nc and can do the online results
  13. ar0883

    my nclex story

    well i took the nclex today. computer cut off at 85. i had about 8 sata, and lots of meds questions. i honestly don't know what to think. afterwards driving home, a huge rock flew out of a dump truck and shattered my sunroof. after all this i really hope that i passed. i've heard that if you get several sata you are doing good is this true? well i'm just glad the test is over. now on to the waiting to see what happens.
  14. ar0883

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I will pray for all you taking the Nclex. Please include me in your prayers as well. I know that prayer works. I will be taking the NCLEX PN tomorrow morning in Winston Salem, NC. Remember me please :)
  15. ar0883

    The stress of NCLEX is killing me

    congrats! i'm taking mine in the morning, i hope that in a couple days i will be able to say that i passed too!
  16. ar0883

    nclex in the am

    I'm taking the NCLEX in the morning at 8 am. Should I study anymore today? Some people say that I should but I've also heard that it can mess you up if you do. So what do you guys think? I'm starting to get nervous:no: