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my nclex story

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well i took the nclex today. computer cut off at 85. i had about 8 sata, and lots of meds questions. i honestly don't know what to think. afterwards driving home, a huge rock flew out of a dump truck and shattered my sunroof. after all this i really hope that i passed. i've heard that if you get several sata you are doing good is this true? well i'm just glad the test is over. now on to the waiting to see what happens.:bluecry1:

sry to hear about your car. :eek: that had to be scary.

I took my nclex todaya and your story is similar to mine, I counted down, 82, 83, 84, 85. OFF! I kept a count of how many questions I 100% new and how many SATA I got. However, I turned my board in before I got a chance to count. So I guess-estimate 12-15 questions I 100% knew. :crying2: and about 15-20 SATA. :up: Heard the same thing. Last question was a Med. Cal. Double checked it.... 5 times to make sure I got the last question right for all the myth believers- me included:smokin:.

Sending you good passing vibes. Hopefully we will both be :nurse:'s.

gwafuh_rn, BSN, RN

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