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I have become one of those students... ya know the students who cry in class... err LRC! Yup that's me. When I first starting hearing/witnessing students crying in class I laughed and passed judgment and needless to say karma bit me in tush and taught me a lesson. It was not anything that was said about me or something that I did or didn't do but just overwhelmed and feeling disorganized. I was holding it all together until one of my instructors sat at are table to go over a few of our questions on skin hair and nail assessment. She must have sensed it because she asked me how I was doing and I guess that is what I needed to hear because it was at that point I had tears in my eyes. I tried holding it back but to no avail. She just listen and advised me to relax, I am not alone, and every new nursing student has to make adjustments. Before leaving I apologized and she commented that I wasn't the first student and I wouldn't be the last. She was awesome. I do feel a little better; I guess I just needed the release. I am just stressed over how to study for the tests and juggling everything that is going on right now. On a brighter note I got to speak to a senior nursing student earlier today for almost an hour and she was very comforting and gave me some great advice.

Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest. I know I will be a great nurse one day I just have to relax and take it one day at time.

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I think that everyone deals with stress and new situations differently. There's nothing wrong with crying, and sometimes you can't control when and where it happens. Sounds like you knew somehow that she was going to be a good person to lean on for a few minutes to help you get through a rough time. As you said, some day you'll be a great nurse, it's just the starting out that can be overwhelming. I think that for many of us, especially this testing format, is a completely new experience. Just do your best, you'll be fine.

I hate crying in front of people like that. It's been a long time since I lost it in front of anyone, but I'll tell ya, this stress is pushing me toward the edge. I felt my eyes welling up the other day in lab, but I was able to walk away, cool off and calm down. Next time you feel it coming on, excuse yourself to the restroom, take a few deep breaths, and give yourself a little pep talk. That's usually enough for me. Don't forget to vent/cry to your husband or some close friends. Letting the stress build will inevitably lead to waterworks at inopportune times.

I am close to being one of those too. Today caught me totally off guard... I studied and studied for my lytes and acids test. Totally confident until the first question. Blew it. Second question... are you serious?? WHAT does this mean.. WHAT are they asking? Ok, so I blew it. NEVER had a test like that...Critical thinking, ok. But asking questions that I could not even recognize? What is up with that? I would have been ok with a C. I am a great student...work hard. Never flunked a test before. Guess there is always a first.

Blindsided is how I feel. I came close to losing it today and crying in class and if my classmate had not made fun of me for staring at my paper so long, I would have. Guess I need to thank him for that....

Don't worry, you are not alone, in my first term I was the same.

I never thought I would break and cry due to stress in front of an instructor...

However, during my final exam, which also was the first lab exam, I was so nervous doing a vital assessment that I got BP, BRM and temp right, but I messed the pulse part and failed the exam. ( I got to redo the pulse test and passed it) but I freaked out and walked about from the class devasted.

My next class started right after the exam and I walked in and my Professional Growth instructor asked if I was okay, and I lost it.

Wifemotherstudent... sounds like you were stressed! And its okay!


You need to smile. And breath, because it happens to all of us.

I have also done the cry home on the drive home, listening to the most sad music... Celine Dion "All by myself?" Anyone??

I am worried that if this trend continues I will be walking myself out of school.. I only have 8 months left of my RN program! Several of my class mates did about the same, so I am scared for all of us. If the teachers continue to throw us curveballs...well I dread the thought.

I am thankful for all of the responses.. I don't feel so alone now! I have been giving myself a pep talk nightly.. my cat thinks I am weird and my family well they knew that already. ;) Thanks again everyone!.

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I lost it for the first and only time (thus far) three months ago. After a test, with my classmates, and it just happened. I could feel it coming about 30 seconds before it did...but when it did, it hit BIG! It was so embarrassing! But, I think I needed it.

I have also done the cry home on the drive home, listening to the most sad music... Celine Dion "All by myself?" Anyone??

Definitely! I can't even tell you how many times I've cried on my way home from work or class or just a plain-old bad day. I don't, however, listen to Celine Dion...:lol2:

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And now that you have experienced it you will be able to mentor another newby through it one day and have even more empathy for your patients as they struggle to deal with overwhelming stress as well.

Just keep plugging along and try not to look too often at the big picture. Elephants are eaten one bite at a time. :) Welcome to nursing school.

Just keep plugging along and try not to look too often at the big picture. Elephants are eaten one bite at a time. :) Welcome to nursing school.

That is an awesome quote!

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I learned an amazing mental trick for when I start to get teary (ahem, first test!) that REALLY works. Your emotional response comes from the right side of your brain. So your goal would be to switch over to your left side, which is analytical and rational. How to do that? Math problems! Sounds bizarre but it works- I know from experience!

What I do is when I start to feel teary, I try to multiply 13x13 in my head (or two other numbers equally as challenging). As I focus on carrying the numbers, visualizing them lining up in my head, and adding them correctly, I stop crying. This was taught to me by a nurse with decades of experience in mental health. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer.(I know this reads like a creepy infomercial...sorry. But it really worked for me and it would be cool if other could benefit as well.)

Oh, and I am definitely someone doing car karaoke on the way home from school! The bigger the ballad the better! Really relieves the stress.

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