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  1. I have just a few weeks left until I begin my new career as an RN. It has been a hard but rewarding time. I do not regret any of the times that I stopped studying for an hour or so to celebrate birthdays, grieve at funerals, stop in to see a new baby, go to a few weddings, two of which were my own kids :-) Taking time for life is really important to me as I am older and I see how quickly life passes by. To the teacher who originally posted I would like to say..thanks for even asking! My instructors the first years were awesome. I could tell that they cared because they did not offer stupid platitudes when we were concerned about our grades and played by the same rules they set. This last year has been filled with screwed up schedules,tests on material not covered ( from other editions, not the one we are using) instructors who berate students during clinicals and who act as though we are the dumb ones when 93% of the class fails a test. If you want to help your students, keep YOUR word on tests, be on time for class if you are going to punish us for being late. Accept papers past the due date... if it was a snow day on the day it was due. ( DUH) Listen to a student when they say they are not getting a concept, just don't keep going. Offer a downtime hour once a week to discuss subjects that are tough for students and concerns they are having in clinicals. Listen! Provide a counselor who can listen to the students spout off without fear of recrimination. I watched my fellow students decline when our counselor was let go.. per this thread...who can really understand the stress students go through? Last but not least... be organized. Well, I fell better! :-)
  2. Bblessing2u

    Lament of the White Clinical Pants

    We wear all white at school and the NH I work at. I use cheap hairspray for all the ink stains. Let it sit for a bit before washing. I also use BIZ to soak with for stains non blood related, peroxide for blood. And to make them whiter I use bluing...you find it with the dyes in the laundry soap section. And.. horror of horrors, I wear granny panties because we will be asked to leave if we are caught with any other decent underwear on. :-)
  3. Bblessing2u

    Failing Nursing School

    I agree with Mi Vida. The trouble is that some instructors think that they are "weeding" out the weak ones or ones they deem unworthy to graduate. In our case, our instructors have test failures of 70%. There are a lot of us that are excellent students and can barely scrape over an 85. If I had a guess it would be that they are testing us according to their experiences and not to nursing students level. If I can pass the NCLEX questions and the study guides without difficulty, the tests should be that hard to figure out. That unfortunately is not the case. I am worried too, I am only weeks away from graduation....maybe.
  4. Bblessing2u

    Nursing instructors and heart "palpations" ???

    I am going to comment and then hijack your thread :-) ( forgive me!) We have two teachers that have trouble pronouncing words. It does make me cringe. I have tried to help one of them out in a nice way...explaining that I used to teach myself :-) She now seems to relish saying things wrong as she looks at me :-) Now to hijack---- We can't seem to get our tests graded and posted in a timely manner. Since we have to maintain a certain grade, it makes for anxious times waiting to see how we did. The other thing is remembering/caring what you missed in order to pass it come the comprehensive final. No amount of nice words, suggestions seems to matter to the staff. We are left wondering for weeks at a time. Also, since I am complaining, the tests do not seem to match up with the powerpoints or reading in the books. The tests seem to be geared towards someone with a TON more experience than what we have as last semester students.....they keep saying the tests are from the book however I can pass with ease the study guide and NCLEX books covering the subjects. Thanks for lending me your thread to gripe :-)
  5. Bblessing2u

    NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    I am going to the ceremony with the intent of looking at the instructors and giving them the best smile I can with a bit of a smirk :-) I fought hard to succeed where they did their best to de-rail me. Barking, biting comments, tests that were not even on the material covered, no way to talk to them about it with ANY chance of being resolved, threats to fail if we did not comply to all the silly rules ( but rules change with the wind, so good luck remembering them all). In two years, they could never say my name correctly, and at clinical I think they said it in a way to be demeaning. I spoke to them no less than a dozen times, but finally just felt that ignoring it was easier. Anyhow, I am sure you get the drift. If I could hug them and say HA! I succeeded in spite of you, I would :-) This is my third degree and I have never experienced anything like these last 2.5 years. I am SO glad it is so close to being over. Stick that pin ON!
  6. Bblessing2u

    I am one of THOSE students!

    I am worried that if this trend continues I will be walking myself out of school.. I only have 8 months left of my RN program! Several of my class mates did about the same, so I am scared for all of us. If the teachers continue to throw us curveballs...well I dread the thought.
  7. Bblessing2u

    I am one of THOSE students!

    I am close to being one of those too. Today caught me totally off guard... I studied and studied for my lytes and acids test. Totally confident until the first question. Blew it. Second question... are you serious?? WHAT does this mean.. WHAT are they asking? Ok, so I blew it. NEVER had a test like that...Critical thinking, ok. But asking questions that I could not even recognize? What is up with that? I would have been ok with a C. I am a great student...work hard. Never flunked a test before. Guess there is always a first. Blindsided is how I feel. I came close to losing it today and crying in class and if my classmate had not made fun of me for staring at my paper so long, I would have. Guess I need to thank him for that....
  8. Bblessing2u

    Anyone else on a 7-point grading scale?

    My school has 85% to keep going on to the RN bridge. An A is 92%! The minimum is 79% to get the LPN. EVERY semester you must have a 79% to even go on to the next unit. Since you say you just started, I hope you don't mind if I give you a few pointers that helped me... I am sure there are many others too that have great ideas!! A few things that have helped me.. 1. keep my grades to myself--don't go around comparing, it could get you down hearing everyone's woes. ( and save you snide comments if you have better grades than them!) 2. Every week work on the NCLEX questions in a practice book, it helps tremendously when taking tests. 3. I have a full house at home... so I took an hour or so after class ended to sit and do some studying before I went to be "mom". I considered that just part of my classroom time! 4. I found that doing some relaxing breathing before a test helped me to remember better. I did this rather than listen to the reveiwers before the test who had answers that would mess with my mind and make me doubt myself :-) 5. If you don't understand, go ask the teacher AFTER the class has ended. She/he is much more likely to expound because the lecture is not interrupted. 6. Look at what is different about something in a group...( ex: NG tubes.. what makes them set apart? Sengstaken vs single lumen) this will help you remember long lists easier. Good luck to you!!! And remember...Take time for yourself! Bblessed
  9. Bblessing2u

    Tired and Burned out

    Look at how far you have come!! I have 6 weeks left... WHOHOO! We are almost finished.( for this part anyhow!) Yes, it is so draining... I have found that taking a few hours to do something totally non- nursing school related helps me to unwind and get ready for the grind again. I have decided that missing a few hours of study time a week is NOT going to kill me! ( or my grade!) Take a minute to remember what you enjoy and go do it! Kudos to you for almost being done!! Bblessing
  10. Bblessing2u

    was i wrong?

    You are absolutely correct... My post (Bblessing)was that of my OWN experience. Bblessing
  11. Bblessing2u

    was i wrong?

    Cheerybreese, I apologize for the dig. I did not mean to imply that you were not a great nurse. What was meant as a note to say I appreciated the nurse who goes out of her way to help a student has turned into something I did not mean it to. I am sorry I worded my posts so that there was room for misunderstanding. Just to clear up one thing...I work hard no matter how I am treated, by the nurse or the patients. I take my work seriously, and do not cross boundaries or do patient care unless I am instructed to. Obviously I have a lot to learn... I think I need to stick to my books! Bblessing
  12. Bblessing2u

    was i wrong?

    Ahh CherryBreeze, I will clarify... I just don't do it for the 1-2 patients I have, I do it for ALL the patients my nurse is assigned. Yes, we STUDENTS are supposed to be doing this! ( Not the bagels of course) And, it is just this kind of sweet note you wrote that reminds me of those second type of nurses I deal with. Thanks! :-0 Bblessed
  13. Bblessing2u

    was i wrong?

    Lissacheer- I am sure you are a great nurse! The instructor was probably peeved about something the student did and did not handle it well. Thanks for being so willing to take on students. I know we are a troublesome lot :-) If you happen to have an "older" student that hangs on your every word, be good to her! hehe:D Bblessed
  14. Bblessing2u

    was i wrong?

    I am an end of first year student. I have loved our clinicals, but not all the nurses. Our instructor has 6 students and can't be everywhere at once! That being said.... We are given patients that in "my" mind we are really responsible for. We are to report to the nurse who REALLY has the responsibility of that patient first-- to make sure we are doing all the care and assessments that are required. ( I really do take this serious!! I would HATE to miss something !) If I come to my nurse and say someone's JP is x amt, ( and it is not in the care plan on what is acceptable drainage) I would GREATLY appreciate her/him taking a few moments to acknowledge my concern by explaining the whys and whats of the situation. What I have NOT appreciated is being made to feel like "I" am the idiot for asking what to "YOU" seems silly and inappropriate. I am a student! What do I really know about post-op JPs? Not much to be honest! Some drains barely register 50 ml after 8 hours. If I saw this lady with a JP nearly full, I would probably come to the nurse asking if that was normal.....( and nevermind looking in my book...I can't find any book that agrees with others!) I think it would be great if people remembered what it was like to be a student, and cut each one of us some slack... just once that day. And just for the record...When I have a nurse that really acts like she cares that I learn something.. I work my tail off for her. When I am done with my day, her rooms are spotless, urinals emptied, commodes cleaned, beds made,linen closets filled, CS orders filled, charts done,VS done, Bags ready to hang, med sheets done, bagels in the break room and happy aides for the rest of her shift. Looking forward to being a RN and mentor! Bblessing