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I need advice


I have been at my current job for about a month. I hate it. The toxic people are awful and especially the night shift. I can't handle night shift, my body can't handle night shift. I wake up with a bad migraine every day. But it's gotten worse, now I'm stomach is involved. I get the worst stomach aches in the wood at night and am sleeping by the toilet curled up in pain. I have even thinking if putting in my two week notice, but at this point is it even worth it. My health is crumbling by the day.....

So sorry about your problems--night shift is a bear when you aren't used to it (I've worked nights or evenings much of my career).

Have you seen a doctor? Might try that...severe stomach pains should probably get checked out.:yes:

I agree speak with your PCP. Also, have you tried talking with your manager? Could you possibly switch to day shift? If your current job is taking a toll on you physically and mentally I think it might be time to start looking for other options...are there any other day shift positions within your facility?

Best wishes.


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Yea of course see your pcp , it's definitely not worth your health... If you give your two weeks, do you have a backup plan ?

I do, I have some interviews for new positions this week!

Awrsome! Think of the things you really despise about your current work place. Then ask questions regarding the type of environment you would be getting into. If possible, meet coworkers. Ask for a tour at the appropriate time. Ask other nurses short questions. Good luck!

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That amount of job stress isn't worth it when your physical health is involved, imo. I'm currently going through a similar situation but waiting to have a back-up plan first. Good luck on your interviews!

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I worked the night shift as a CNA for about 9 months. I hated every minute of it and it wreaked havoc on my depression. It was also a toxic environment. The last 3 months I worked PRN as I was doing my LPN preceptorship and then I just couldn't handle working there so I put in my notice. The plan was to work until I got my nursing license. Once I earned my license, I was offered a job at another facility. I work part time evenings there and I love my job. Most of the CNAs are great to work with also. My health and depression are also much improved.

I have to agree that your health is most important. Look for another position. I hope you can find one that is a much better fit for you as I did.