I don't know if I can be a nurse.


Hi everyone! So I started nursing school In June of this year, I just started my second semester 4 weeks ago (im in an LVN program).

I don't even know where to start but every since day 1 of this new semester, I've been struggling so much, like I can't even take it! 2 days into the second semester, we had a math competency which I failed, it wasn't even the math portion of it. I took it a second time, I failed! Again, it wasn't the math, I took a third time, failed it! It wasn't the math AGAIN!!:crying2: Also, our first skill competency I failed! Same day I failed the 3rd attempt math competency! We had a medication test for pharmacology today and I KNOW I failed! We had an online pharm quiz today and I failed!

I'm just so mad right now, upset, disappointed, stressed, overwhelmed, I mean what else?? I feel like I shouldn't even try anymore because I fail at everything I do.

I just don't feel smart enough to be a nurse! I'm NOT smart, I keep failing, how am I gonna be a nurse if I don't know my medications? I'm so upset because this was my dream, now I feel like I can't do it. I study but I still don't remember anything, idk what else to do. I feel so depressed, how do I even continue the program?

This totally sucks, I see the other girls in my class and they are so confident, they pass their tests, understand everything, and I'm so behind.

Idk if i have a question, but just wanted to vent because I don't know what to do. I don't feel smart enough to be a nurse.


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continue if u like to be nurse, but u have to sure about that. I have the same difficult situation.I thinking to change my major and earn second bachelor in nurse, but I am not sure if I will like it or not. I think u have to stay with your self aging about that. Try to find new way to continue ur degree


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Join a study group asap and get a tutor.

Join a study group asap and get a tutor.

I have joined a study group, found out it wasn't really helping me :/


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Try finding a different group then. Just gotta find a study group you click with. They're invaluable, really and truly.


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You know, you're asking a really tough question, one we probably can't (or maybe shouldn't) answer. This is a great place to come for support. I think most of us have failed will fail something at least once in nursing school, and it's nice to hear some encouragement about picking ourselves up and overcoming. But honestly, sometimes the best answer isn't "never give up!" Sometimes, the best answer is to move on before you sink in any more money and time. And maybe the best people to ask for help with that decision are the professionals. You have a nursing advisor? This might be a good time for a discussion with her. You didn't say how well you did first semester. If you did well, the answer to your question might be different than if you struggled mightily and barely met the standard to progress.


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My question to you is what are you doing to improve? Are you reviewing the questions? Have you gone to resources such as your professors, and told them that you failed so and so times and you really need help in identifying what you're doing wrong? What is it that you're not understanding? If you don't tell us, we can't help you. You say you failed the math competency but it wasn't on math, so what was it on? Did you fail on the rights of medication administration or something? What are you doing to study for the exams. What are you doing differently after failing the first or second time? How can you expect anything different if you don't do anything different?

Honestly OP, here comes the tough part, some people can dream about being a nurse all they want but some people just aren't cut out for it. I'm not saying that's your case but it certainly can. And just from your post it doesn't sound like you have much resolve or passion to continue this path. Why are you comparing yourself to the other students, not everyone is the same, do your own thing, focus on your own prize. You're being so down on yourself, thinking you're not smart enough or whether you want to continue this. It makes me wonder if a part of you has already given up and think it's easier to just not do it.

No one said nursing was going to be easy, the question is what are you going to do about it?


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You need to figure out why you are failing so many exams. Did you study for them and if so did you study long enough? Did you study the right material? Did you understand what you were studying or did you just try to memorize things? From my own personal experience, every test that I did bad on was my own fault. Tried to cram too soon before the exam and didn't really understand what I was studying. Try speaking to your advisor and professors.


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Sorry that you have been having problems. As another poster stated if it not the math portion of the math competency test that you are failing what is it then that you are having problems with. Have you talked with your instructors about what you are struggling with, seeking help or suggestions from them? Not everyone does well with study groups, that is okay. One thing I would suggest that they have advised us in my program is to find a study partner or two. Larger study groups can be beneficial if they are organized, but again that method does not work for everyone. Having a partner that you study with might work better for you.

Right now you are feeling discouraged, however you will need to find a way to overcome the negative view. Nursing school is a struggle and at times you might not feel like you are getting it, that is when I believe that you need to look at why you decided to go into nursing and use that passion to help pull you through.

Also evaluate how you are studying to figure out what is working, what is not and how you can change that. Your professors and a study partner could be a good resource for suggestions and methods. With pharmacology don't worry so much about memorizing a list of uses, adverse affects and contraindications for individual drugs, but understand what is going on with the physiology. What is the normal physiology of the system the drug affects and how does it change it.

For skills practice the skills at home, while you aren't going to be able to do certain skills at home, there are ones that you can. Again a study partner would be good doing this with.

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Go to your school's learning assistance center or whatever they call it and ask to be tested for learning disabilities. You sound like this could be a problem for you; if so, they can recommend compensatory methods for studying, get you accommodations for testing, and so forth that could be helpful. Also, look into seeing an optometrist to make sure your vision is ok...common cause of learning problems is unsuspected vision probs.

Failing all that, though.... not everybody is cut out for the knowledge-intensive profession that is nursing, even at the LPN level. A vocational evaluation could be helpful, too... your state has a free service for that. Look online for the state division of wages and hours and see what links get you what you need.


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you must be smart to get into nursing school! Try to relax, feeling stressed is not conducive to optimum learning. Looking at others accomplishments can force some people to compare themselves and feel negative.

Look at all of the things you accomplish, don't give up, its just your current perception. You can do it and you are successful! Its an emotional roller coaster getting through school,you may just be having a bad time at the moment but this will pass.

Keep going, it will all turn out good. Be positive and shine :)


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Hi prettynerd,

Take the time out to breathe. Your post said you are overwhelmed. Evaluate your strengths and there may be more of them than you give yourself credit due to the fact you've gotten this far. We are in school pushing ourselves toward something new/better or there are who have been through your situation & are nurses. Listen to them. It is not an easy path becoming a nurse or anything else you choose to do. You Still need that survival skill essential to every successful person I know...ASKING FOR HELP! We all know it may be difficult-cutting yourself a break and asking for help. We all need it at some point. That's why schools have tutors, to help students like US. I use a tutor, YouTube, heck , I'll use an abacus, fingers & toes & yours tooí ½í¸œí ½í¸œí ½í¸œ. you are not alone in the struggle.