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  1. AF or AFL or Artifact

    I think it's sinus rhythm with pac/pvc and some compensatory pauses.
  2. Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    We've all had that challenging patient and certainly it can be testing, but make no mistake. Patients do not have the right to abuse you. Nobody does. And if any management tells you different then they need a reality check and a visit from HR. I wou...
  3. I need a million dollars, you have two days.
  4. Unprofessional to mention you have other patients?

    It certainly isn't unprofessional. It's all about providing education. As nurses we are taught to prioritize our patients and care and that is exactly what I tell my patients. If I'm busy with something If my patient wants to ambulate now and I need ...
  5. Should I work as a CNA prior to Direct Entry NP Program?

    You should be thinking of np education like pa education. Pa students are required to have a certain amount of hours and medical knowledge whether as an emt, paramedic, nurse, or whatever before they can apply to the program. Anyone who is a nurse kn...
  6. Transitioning from Med/Surg to CVICU

    I second the brain sheet. It helps a lot to get organized. I like to show up a little earlier before work to research my patients. I have it labeled from 7-19. Then I circle each hour that I have meds. If it's something special that requires longer p...
  7. PVCs on monitor

    And I think on the monitors you can select paced and it might be able to read the pacer spikes better. Also if nothing works switch the wave that's being shown.
  8. Question about Cardiac Caths

    Was it the internal med doc that said that or was it the interventional cardiologist that said that? If it was the IM med then he should've gotten a cardiology consult to determine it. But otherwise, I can't see why it would be contraindicated.
  9. TTM Exclusion Criteria

    I think the exclusion criteria is if the patient is verbal post rosc. So yeah the patient should've been placed on therapeutic hypothermia.
  10. ADN vs BSN : Is getting an ADN a waste of time?

    I do not believe that getting your ADN is a waste of time. I worked in a cardiac icu with my associates and got the same pay as bachelors degree nurses. Right now I am on orientation for cardiac cath lab which falls under critical care in my hospital...
  11. an ICU nursing book please?

    Have you tried getting the ccrn prep book?
  12. Albumin and DKA

    off the top of my head the body uses protein as the source of energy which produces ketones, ketoacidosis. Which is why you have that fruity breath and rapid shallow breathing. It's the body's attempt to get rid of and to correct the imbalance.
  13. Fentanyl is a narcotic that is used for pain. It also has a synergistic effect with sedatives. Typically a patient should be on a pain control drip in addition to their sedative. It is inhumane to just sedate a patient that is having pain. Propofol ...
  14. What are your NP clinical rotations like?

    I too am very curious what clinical rotations are like for nurse practitioners. Keep it coming !
  15. whether you finish your health science degree, you need to get into a nursing program to become a nurse. You can either apply now for the one in school, but you seem opposed to that idea. So your other choices include transferring to another school t...