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  1. RescueNinjaKy

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    I don't understand it. Why can't this be an American thing and a LGBTQ thing too? In what way does it take away from anything by claiming to be either or both? And also yes heterosexuals don't call attacks on the general public a heterosexual attack because they are not being targeted. That whole equal and equal crap is just bull. Do you honestly believe that the terror inflicted is the same across? We are all afraid of another terrorist attack but Because of this I am afraid of terrorist attacks as an American but I am also afraid of attacks because of homophobia. As the majority, the society's norm, heterosexuals do not face the same challenges that those of the lgbtq face. They do not have the same fears that we do. Tel me about equal now. This was a planned attack on a specific population. He specifically targeted the lgbtq community so yes it was a hate crime, he has claimed allegiance to ISIS, so yes this was an attack against Americans.