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In case I wasn't clear enough, I hast Postpartum!!! I'm considered an intern for my new position in L&D, and it requires 4 weeks of training in postpartum. I HATE POSTPARTUM! It's like an evil little creation to torture nurses. Only 3 more weeks and I'm outta there, and onto OB OR! OH, I can't wait.


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to me the only way to work is LDRP. You never get stuck in a rut, bored and it's a way to make oneself marketable in all areas . I also do GYN nursing. I am never bored.


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I hate PP too, it is sooooo boring. But love to labor.


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I'm with you. I too can't stand working postpartum. I like the teaching aspect and all, but would never want to do it even on a semi-consistant basis. I work nights and find it very boaring, to slow paced. I even get board w/ antepartum patients. Guess I need to be were the action is..deliveries, triage and OR.


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Thanks you girls for weighing in here. It is terrible in the PP unit! I mean, I like the teaching part, and we have a lot of moms who want to breastfeed, so it can be nice. And they also have GYN pts. whom I don't mind taking, either. But the routine PP patients drive me insane! I NEED action. I am a critical care type nurse. I LOVED the NICU, it was always busy, never a dull moment. Now my whole day is dull, except for when I'm getting yelled at for not doing things correctly. I'm not used to working with docs either, since I worked nights before, and we didn't have docs at night, only Neonatal NP's. It was much nicer.

We had an external disaster occur last week, and I kept thinking to myself, "I want to go to the ER and be part of it. I can't just sit up here in postpartum like nothing happened." LOL. Maybe I need to cross-train to the ER, too!


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then go to ER; here in the Seattle area,they are screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaming for help!


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My love is for L&D. I would not mind working PRN in an ER, but I think that would be hard to adjust as PRN only. I just can't wait for the PP part to end. My unit is an LDR, but we have to learn PP as well. UGH. It feels like I am back in the dark ages with some of the things they do in PP. I guess I liked the LDRP set-up, too.


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LDRP is great. Trust me, you can get burnt out in L and D all day every day. I like the variety and follow-thru of LDRP best.


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Well, I happen to LOVE PP! There are aspects that I love about L&D, but I am more comfortable in a structured setting.

Hang in there, girlfriend.

I enjoy postpartum for the most part, but do like a break in worlking in well-baby newborn nursery at times, too. I don't want to crosstrain to LDR, but there is a push coming from upper level management for all RN's to be trained in all areas.

When I went to this area 4 yrs ago, the managers' idea of training me for labor hall was 1 month on days, one month on nights then cut me loose on my own! This is a tiny facility with 5 LDR beds and 11 postpartum/GYN beds, max of 11 babies. Our typical staffing at night is one LDR RN, one NBN RN and one PP/GYN RN. I imagine you can surmise that the amount of training for a brand spanking new LDR RN would not be adequate in that time frame, so I said, "No, thanks."

Hopefully, upper level management will lose the attitude that "You can find another job if you don't want to train for all areas." If not, there will be a major mass exodus of the nurses who have worked there for many years in NBN and Postpartum/GYN. Actually, I am a new kid on the block with four yrs' working in this unit, so the nurses have been loyal to the facility for quite some time. That would be quite unfortunate, indeed!


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I feel your pain. I have been in pp for the last 5 months. My hospital believes that working pp 1st is important before x-training into L&D. I don't mind it for the most part, but I find myself getting increasing intolerant towards 1st time moms who call me in the room at 2300 wondering why their baby is crying...and those who don't understand the need for formula supplementation when their 11 lb. baby has a serum glucose of 19!!!

Anyway, my time has come....I start L&D orientation tomorrow at 0700!!!!!! Wish me luck! :uhoh3:


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I actually think it is a good idea to have staff cross trained for L&D and postpartum. It definitely helps with staffing.

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