I am graduating with a 4.0 (older students/parents, listen up!)


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I just had to share, I am so excited! I've worked so hard for this. It's been a personal goal and uphill battle.

There are so many posts from 30+ adults headed back to school, especially from those with kids, wondering if it can be done. I'd just like to share that I headed back at 32 and have 6 kids. It can be done, it is possible, you CAN do it.

Graduation is Thursday & I start my new job after the first of the year. But for tonight.......a well-earned :beer:


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What a wonderful example to your kids too!! They'll never be able to get away with saying "but this is too hard..." Best wishes to you!


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Graduation is Thursday & I start my new job after the first of the year. But for tonight.......a well-earned :beer:

Congrats !!!! 6 kids, wow :bugeyes:

....that's awesome for all y'all :yeah:


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GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I recently wrote a post asking other moms (I have a 19 month-old and a 1 month-old) for advice on how they do it and the response was almost overwhelming! People like you inspire people like me to keep working hard! My husband works such long hours I feel like a single mom with the chores that go along with a husband lol! I thought that I might be crazy beginning a fast track RM program in Jan., but I'm using stories like yours as motivation that I CAN DO IT! NOW GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND CELEBRATE!!!

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Many congratulations to you!!! I don't think I'll ever complain about NS again...considering I have no kids! Have fun celebrating and good luck with the new job!!:yeah:


write a book lol

step by step from everything you ate on an average school day, to how many hours of sleep did you get

Seriously though, congratulations !!

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Congratulations!!!! That is awesome. I hope I can be as successful as you. I don't have any children but worked my but off this term. I am first term of first year.

I got an 89 on my final. Just waiting for FINAL grades to be posted. I am super close to an A, I need a 91% to get an A and I am borderline so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Again, CONGRATULSTIONS!!!! You rock :yeah:


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Thank you for giving me some hope. I only have one 3 yr old daughter and a husband (2nd child) haha. Good for you and Congrats! inspired!:yeah:


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Congratulation !!!!!!!:bowingpurYou are great example!


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Congrats on a job well done. You have alot to be proud of!:yeah:

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