I got into University of Florida


I haven't officially received my accpetance letter, but the College of Nursing notified me via email to let me know that I got into the accelerated BSN program for the summer 2006. I start May 15! I am so excited!!! :balloons: :biggringi


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WHOOOO HOOOO:balloons: :balloons: That's AWESOME!!!! And you get to start so soon. I am sooooooooooo envious I find out if I get an interview soon for an accelerated program that starts in Aug!!! Congrats and go do something to reward yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello! :balloons: First off, congrats on getting in at UF!!!!:balloons: That is so exciting!! I am interested in applying to UF's Accelerated BSN program for summer of 07. I am currently debating whether to try and get my RN and finish my BA in anthropology (at the same time), or just get my BA and then wait for the accelerated program to start. How was the application process? How much does your GPA matter in comparison to your GRE score? Letter of intent?

I know thats a lot of questions but I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you can share!! Thank you!


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:balloons: :balloons: CONGRATS!!!! :balloons: :balloons:


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:biggringi :balloons: :biggringi :balloons: :biggringi :balloons: :biggringi :balloons:

CONGRATULATIONS!! Best wishes at UF. :D :yelclap: :yeah:

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Congrats! :biggringi


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Way to GO!!! Congratulations!


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Congratulations!! It's so exciting that you're starting in 2 months. Best of luck!

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Congrats! Best of luck to you in all that you do!

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Congrats and good luck!!:balloons:


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Thanks for the kindess everyone! My admission packet finally came. There is so much I have to do within 2 weeks! I should have started my immunizations long ago!


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:balloons: congrats...and a great big gator chomp to you!!!!!

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