I got a scholarship!

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Yippee! :roll

I was notified yesterday that I received a Johnson & Johnson scholarship of $1,000 toward tuition and books! Hey, it's not a fortune, but it looks good to me! My program is about $5,500/year, so it's about a fifth of my expenses. I still have a couple of other applications out, so I'm crossing my fingers to maybe get a little more aid, too. This definitely made my week!


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That is wonderful. I thought scholarships were just a myth. Good for you.


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Congratulations Judith, that's wonderful news!!! :)

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wonderful! renerian


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Congrats!!!!! Free $$$ is the best money!!!!!



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That is great! I am so happy for you.

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Awesome! Congratulations on the scholarship!


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That's great, congratulations!

I was just thinking that I need to start applying to scholarships for next year, or at least start looking.

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Awesome Judith! This will surely help you out and plus you can be proud that you got a bonafide scholarship!


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Congo rats! That's great!


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Can you give me some information on where I can go to find out about different scholarships available..

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