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I got that pop-up I wanted


Not going to celebrate yet though. My test stopped at 75. What an experience that was!! I had to take deep breaths for like the first 5 minutes of the test. Whew!! Anyways I really don't know what material prepared me for it. I did use

  • Saunders 5th ed
  • Lacharity
  • Nclex 4000
  • Kapan strategies 2010-11

I had no math. I had meds, peds, pych, lots of SATA's, gastro, endocrine, priority, delegation, acid base balance, isolation precautions.

My school Cuyahoga Community College did a great job preparing me. I want to thank all nurses.com and the wonderful people on here that sent me material and the ones who encouraged me along the way. Much luv!!:o I will be back to let you know the official results.

@futurern34 Im extremely happy for you. Been praying for you today :) God's timing is awesome. Saturday you'll fully rejoice

Congratulations, so happy for u :).How many SATA did u get ? m already scared m going to take this saturday

Like 20, really. They were getting on my nerve. They are really basic though. If you know your content, signs and symptoms of diseases, you should be fine.Good luck to u!! @Aisha thank you so much!! You have my email if you have any questions.

good job....Congratss...Time to partyyy:cheers:

This is very good news!!! Congrulations!!!

Congratulations girl I knew you would pass. Everytime I read your posts I just had this weird gut feeling that you were going to pass. Anyways congrats good luck I hope I will get that good pop up too

congrats!!! very proud of you!!

Thank you so much!! All of you!!

@ Karen Good luck to you!!:o

Kiwi82, BSN, RN

Has 16 years experience.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :w00t:

@futurern34 Thank you so much.Congrats again :):).really happy for u but i dont think i can make it

wow dear congrates...:yeah:

Ok aspsr1, Why don't you think you can make it? The nurse in me is kicking in now!!:nono:Don't think like that. What material are you using?? If you have nclex 3500/4000 get on there and do those sata's for the next two days. You can do it!! Review those Isolation precautions, now your priority and who can room with who. Stay in touch!!:hug:

CONGRATULATIONS! I took my exam today and got the good pop-up as well! ;)

Yay!! Congrats to u!!:cheers:

Thanks ships!!

I m using ncsbn,hurst review,went through the saunders 5th edition, and using nclex 3500, 4000 too.Thank you so much for ur advice friend ...i really appreciate it. Ok i will follow your advice as i'm weak on SATA :thankya: