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Kiwi82 has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Kiwi82

    Storage of N95 masks

    Hello fellow nurses, What are you using to store your N95 mask for reuse? The hospital where I work gave us paper bags. There are a few videos on FB and Youtube circulating around with someone demonstrating the usage of a plastic container. I feel like this isn’t the best option as this creates humidity which will not allow the mask to dry. I’ve heard from some coworkers that they will use a glass one or I have also heard about poking holes in the top. None of these options seem safe to me but I’d like to hear your opinion on it. Another question.. if your hospital is sanitizing masks, what is the process? What is used? How are they collecting/returning them? Thank you and sending good vibes to all of you out there. These sure are trying times. I hope this *** ends soon.
  2. Kiwi82

    Unit Council

    Does anyone have an active unit council in an IR department? Looking for some insight! Thank you!
  3. Kiwi82

    SCRN exam....

    I just took mine this week and passed. I used the Fast facts book and the Stroke Certification Study Guide. Do you receive a certificate in the mail or a pin?
  4. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    What is your nurse to patient ratio?
  5. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    What kind of disciplinary action?
  6. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    Interesting. Ours is Q4h ... and we are in the single digits for compliance.
  7. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    Basically not having time. There's so much going on. Plus, nurses are not necessarily formally trained to interpret so many do not feel comfortble. We don't interpret EKG's so why interpret a strip? I personally never made it much of a priority unless I was treating the rhythm. Just wondering if anyone else is going through the same. í ¾í´”
  8. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    No one misunderstood anything. This is a PIP because obviously there was a fall out at some point. I didn't get into much detail in my first post... All I'm asking is if other ED's do this and if so how is it working for your department? Just trying to get ideas since it doesn't seem to work for us. I've worked in other ED's and it was the same issue. We are one of the busiest ED's in the COUNTRY. We see way too many patients for our department size. We have acquired monitors for overflow spaces. But that component of the strip interpretation is a huge barrier. And yes, of course, we do document... or ... SHOULD document the rhythm. And the EKG process I'm sure is the same across the board.
  9. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    Same here. All patients get an EKG right when they walk in the door if they meet the criteria. But we are supposed to print the strips and then scan in the EMR. Apparently is a TJC thing... interpret and scan... I guess because otherwise it would just be having the patient on the monitor but no one really "looking at it". we also have an area under the cardiac assessment where the rhythm is documented but apparently that is not enough.
  10. Kiwi82

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    The cardiac monitor
  11. Hey everyone, As part of our performance improvement project we are attempting to increase compliance of printing and interpreting EKG rhythm strips for each patient with an active cardiac monitoring order. We are currently (very) non compliant. We have been working on this for almost 2 years and have had many barriers. What does your Department do? Do you have a unit specific "policy"? How frequently do you print and interpret rhythm strips? Is is this acceptable for TJC? Any input is great! Thank you!
  12. Kiwi82

    What is a Trauma Nurse?

    Does anyone use a white board in their trauma rooms? If so, what information is on them? Who fills out the board? Thanks!
  13. Kiwi82


  14. Kiwi82


    My only thing is safety. The more you let in, the more crowded it gets and people get on each others nerves ... it's a snowball effect. I mean if a patient it dying then yes have all the family there but other than that no, it should be limited. They can switch out all they want. I think control of visitors should be #1 on the list due to the crazy world we live in. You never know what is on people's minds. We have so many close calls and staff getting injured... can't take this **** anymore.
  15. Kiwi82

    Advice on obtaining RN license in USA

    So she can't apply for a visa for citizenship first?
  16. Hi everyone! I have a friend that would like to come to the US to work as a RN. She does not have a visa. Can anyone help and give some advice on to what she should do? Do hospitals still offer work visas? She's looking into Ohio as she has family there. Her son's grandparents live there and she would be moving with him (he's a minor). Any help would be appreciated. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, it's hard to find the thread with so many posts. Thank you!!

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