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  1. Unions - Yay or Nay?

    For those of you have have worked in both union and non-union hospitals - what are the pros and cons? Have any of you worked for a hospital that became unionized while you were there? Pros and Cons? Need honest feedback!
  2. Recovery for IR Procedures

    Hi everyone, What is your post procedure/recovery process look like? Based on PAR or specific times for specific procedures? Looking to make flow more efficient. Thanks!
  3. Burnout and what to do that really helps

    I agree 100%. Healthcare workers have been suffering long enough. I’m looking for some creative ideas staff nurse to staff nurse. I know we need breaks, use the bathroom, drink water… breathe! like making a team of people that can round on floo...
  4. Hi everyone, Burnout is more obvious now than it ever was. What is your hospital doing to help? Are you taking breaks? Are you being offered any sort of incentive? Do you have a wellness room - are you able to use it? I’m not talking ab...
  5. Storage of N95 masks

    Right, that’s where I need some insight. This is a crappy situation all around. Just wondering what others are doing, trying to make the best out of this nightmare! Throwing the mask in a paper bag just seems like you’re going to contaminate the insi...
  6. Storage of N95 masks

    Hello fellow nurses, What are you using to store your N95 mask for reuse? The hospital where I work gave us paper bags. There are a few videos on FB and Youtube circulating around with someone demonstrating the usage of a plastic container. I feel li...
  7. Unit Council

    Sorry this is so late. But thank you!!
  8. Unit Council

    Thanks for the response! What kinds of things did you guys do or talk about?
  9. Unit Council

    Does anyone have an active unit council in an IR department? Looking for some insight! Thank you!
  10. SCRN exam....

    I just took mine this week and passed. I used the Fast facts book and the Stroke Certification Study Guide. Do you receive a certificate in the mail or a pin?
  11. Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    What is your nurse to patient ratio?
  12. Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    What kind of disciplinary action?
  13. Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    Interesting. Ours is Q4h ... and we are in the single digits for compliance.
  14. Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    Basically not having time. There's so much going on. Plus, nurses are not necessarily formally trained to interpret so many do not feel comfortble. We don't interpret EKG's so why interpret a strip? I personally never made it much of a priority unles...
  15. Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    No one misunderstood anything. This is a PIP because obviously there was a fall out at some point. I didn't get into much detail in my first post... All I'm asking is if other ED's do this and if so how is it working for your department? Just trying...