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I sent out a bunch of apps for a nursing assistant position and they all called back. It was nice to feel needed, lol. I will start a week-long training session on the 6th. It is a mini-training session for nursing students, so hopefully most of the stuff will be review. At the other hospital I was interested in, I would have had to commit to a month of training, which would have been hard to work around. I will be on a 40-bed med-surg floor, which is fine with me, it sounds like there will be lots of variety. I will have to adjust to a higher pt load though--at clinicals we only had one pt at a time. I'll be PRN, so my only obligation is that I have to work 2 weekend shifts per month. Is this a typical obligation for any of you? Even though I have school every other weekend, I think I can swing it. I want to work around my husband's schedule so that he can be at home (or at the office) with our son. I'm only doing 8-12 hours a week, max. But I'm thinking of finding a sitter for those times when our schedules would overlap. I've never used a sitter before other than the grandmas or close, trusted family friends. Maybe I will advertise at school. But I'm not crazy about the idea of hiring someone I don't really know. Well, that's been my Christmas break so far. Tomorrow I go for my physical. Then off to buy some non-white scrubs! Yeah! Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

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Congratulations!!!! Let us know how it goes.



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Woo Hoo!! Congratulations!!

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I am glad you got your call and job!



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i too am glad you got the job. all the best to you.


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Congradulations !



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I got called last night for a position in physical therapy as a student nurse tech!! My severence is running out, and I took a retail position to bank some money over Christmas. I was at work when the call came in and my husband took the call.

He is so funny, he talked to the HR person in length about the position. I don't know who is more excited him or me.

At any rate, once again, it is so nice to have other's in the same boat, so let's "rock the boat" in a happy way together!!!! Do the happy dance!!!

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