I got a job!At an abortion clinic?


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you inferred it.

Did I say that being close minded was a bad thing?


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That "uneasy feeling" is your conscience. Abortion is the actual taking of human life. The pay is lucrative for a reason, because it is very difficult to find staff who will participate in performing this procedure. Don't do it.

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If you have strong feelings against abortion...then DONT take the job. But FACT of life, abortion is the only option for some women, for a multitude of situations, and in that, they need sensitive professional people to help them carry out the heart wrenching, painful procedure they are having. If you feel you can be supportive to these women, then take the job, if it is just about the money, then I'm sure something else will turn up. Abortion is not an easy road for MOST women.


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You said none of the job offers you received until this one, I personally think that says alot right there.

As others have said, YOU are the one that is going to have to live w/ the decision you make, not your friends, not your family. Sure, they disagree, but do they agree w/ everything that you have done in your life? I would guess not.

This is an opportunity for you to be an advocate/counselor for your patient in one of the lowest moments of her life. Even being pro-choice, the decision to terminate a pregnancy is a hard one for any woman to make. I had an abortion quite a few years ago, and the nurse that was there w/ me throughtout the procedure, was the best. She was the teacher who talked me through the procedure, the sympathetic shoulder I cried on when I had second thoughts, and the comforting hands that held me when it was done. How often do we get to play that many roles w/ every single one of our patients every shift.

Also, from what I do know about the abortion clinics in the area I live, they do not just provide abortion services. There is family planning and low cost STD testing for men and women, pregnancy tests, and I do know of one that provides free pap smears. It's not just abortions these places are providing, but services to people who would not otherwise get them.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.


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My friends that are nurses and other people have been giving me grief about taking a job at an abortion clinic. Is it really that bad. I have a "things happen" attitude about abortions, but I kind of have an uneasy feeling about the whole thing (mainly because everyone disapproves). What do you guys think? I have bills and they are paying me VERY well.

If your friends are going to pay your bills and let you have the lifestyle you want, if they are going to sleep for you at night...then let them dictate what you do with your life, Otherwise, tell em to mind their own business. If you can cope with that type of job, if you can sleep ok or even good at night, then by all means go for it. Everyone has the right to GOOD medical care, whether people believe in the place you work or not. Those people DESERVE quality as well as the little old lady who broke her hip going to her bingo game or the transexual who broke his/her ankle wearing a new pair of heels.

BY ALL MEANS be THAT nurse so many are afraid to be.

THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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In this world of nursing, there are plenty of jobs out there in a variety of settings for you to choose from, many of which will pay well. Please reconsider. I do not agree that abortion is sometimes necessary. I can think of no reason that would cause me to take the life of another human being. You don't see anyone taking their dogs and cats in for abortions. We seem to be able to quite easily put those babies up for adoption. Yes, I'm a man, and yes, I'll never know the pain of an unintended pregnancy, but I strongly believe in protecting the life of a child, whether unborn, abused, or mistreated. Come work in NICU, where we celebrate the lives we've saved, instead of ended because of our mistakes.

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It would be nice if people didn't use their personal feelings, opinions, and beliefs about abortion to influence someone else's job!!!!:stoneFor those that are choosing to do so, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU.

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I think you need to pay attention to the uneasy feeling. Probe it, talk with others about it, make sure before you take a job, any job.

People who have made up their minds on either side could be characterized as "closed minded". Pro-life and pro-choice. I wouldn't toss rocks at glass houses.

I also wouldn't make a blanket statement that women don't have any emotional repercussions or do have them. Women (I know, I say this all the time) are not MONOLITHS. We are individuals who experience life in different ways. I do know many women who have had abortions and struggle and I have a good friend from college who has no qualms at all. Please don't stereotype.

This is your choice - educate yourself and then make the decision that is right for you.


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To the OP:

I apologize that so many members on this board are using their own beliefs to give you advice on your current situation. Figure out if this is a position you want to accept or not. It is up to YOU, and no one else. If we all dicated our choices in life (both professional and non-professional) by convictions and values not of our own, then we would live in a very scary place.

I commend you for standing up for what you believe in, and good luck to whatever you choose!

To those who insisted on telling the OP that this is a bad idea because YOU feel abortion is wrong... I say shame on you! As a medical professional, it is not our place to impose our own belief system. I would hope that if a patient came to you asking about whether or not to abort her baby, you would not spout of your ideas on abortion; but instead give objective information rather than your own subjective feelings. The same should be true when someone is seeking help on these nursing boards.

I actually work in an abortion clinic, and I can tell you it's a VERY rewarding line of work.

I agree with the poster who said to make sure the clinic has decent security.

The gratitude the patients will show you is incredibly rewarding.

I say go for it.

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Friendly moderator note. I don't think using this thread to debate abortion is going to help the poster. The abortion debate will go on and on endless posts and pages without any resolution. Let's stick to the issue about the nursing position this poster may or may not take and keep our personal opinions about abortion out of it. Please????

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