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I got all A's my first semester of nursing school!!


congrats to all who did well this semester/quarter. i just saw my grades and i am very happy. i made an a in all my classes for the semester in a & p i, intro. to nursing, nursing lecture, nursing clinicals, and nursing informatics. i didn't even imagine i did this well this first semester. i was so sure i was barely passing a & p, so i'm grateful just for that small miracle. good luck and much success to everyone next semester/quarter!!! :D

:) Congratulations!!! I didn't do too bad with grades, For A&P II I got a C, College Algebra - B and Sociology (Family) - B.

I am quite happy with my grades also.


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tmarie, congratulations!


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debi, it is good to see you! congratulations on your grades.

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Way to go, tmarie!

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Tmarie, I'm so, so envious - I missed an A in nursing concepts I by .26%. Talk about kicking myself!!

Great job - earning As across the board is no small feat. Enjoy your break!



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So, share with us what you did to get such fantastic grades? Specifically, how much did you study, what did you focus on (book, notes, ?), what other secrets do you have to offer? Thanks - and by the way, GOOD JOB!


Those are truly remarkable grades --- keep up the great work!!!:)

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Congrats to all earning the grades!

Happy with my A- in A / P I.

Congrats on your GREAT grades...keep working hard and keep your nose to the grindstone. I made decent grades too... "A" in Pharm I, "A" in Nutrition I and a "B" in Nursing I...missed an "A" by one lousy point :( !!! Well, I learned alot and now I know a little more of what to expect so with a lot of hard work and studying, I will be shooting for those straight "A's". :)


I rely on my notes a lot, so I try to take as much detailed notes in class as I possibly can. Then I go back through the chapters and add info. to my notes on topics that were covered in class that we didn't get enough detail on. I try to read a lot though I admit sometimes it's hard to keep up, so that's why I skim chapters and look for the most important info. in each chapter. I can't study from the book, I have to take notes because it helps me retain information better. Some of it is also just critical thinking. When there's a question on a test I don't know I skip it and come back to it then I try to reason through it and eliminate choices until I come up with what I think is the correct answer.

Congratulations to all of you for making it this far.


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Congratulations on your hard work which shows in your great grades. Good work!!!

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