I was fired today (I think??)


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Thanks for the replies/advise. (:

I went in today and asked my floor manager to please clarify this for me, am I fired? He said no I am not I am doing a good job, and the job is mine. So I am so confused right now.

The cna's say he has no say over who works his unit!?? They say he is not a good manager and they bypass him and go directly to the administrator! Really, so I am thinking to my self wow so their is no "chain of command' in LTC?? He seems fine to me, and any where I have ever worked, you follow the chain of command, you don't bypass your boss(without good reason)!

Today was so stressful ):

The 2 cna's and the activity lady (who was present in the meeting in the hall yesterday) basically ignored me the whole day,except for the one cna who mentioned yet again that the nurse who used to be here didn't let the patients do what they want yada-yada. She thinks I am too kinda and nice to the residents, un-like the old nurse per her!, and they all 3 spent the day trashing all the other nurses and cna's and the unit manager, evidently everyone sucks but them! ):

I just did my job,took care of my residents,and left.

Tomorrow I will find out the administrators name and where his office is and go talk to him. I am not going to quit, as I need a job, and I have done nothing wrong, so he will have to fire me! I am great with the patients and they all love me,I have 0 problems with them. And to me that say a lot about me, because these are Alzheimer pts.

How ever I will start looking for new job today, as I cant deal with this stress, nor do I want to! I firmly feel people can only treat you bad if you let them. So job hunting here I come, again. ):

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What a strange situation. Best of luck with that mess., hopefully you find something better ASAP.



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So sorry this is happening. It sounds as if he is a giant jerk, as well as a chicken s###. Why on earth would you apply for this job again? If you enjoy this type of facility, go elsewhere. Be upfront about your separation from this job.

He may have someone in mind for the position. Do not waste your time holding on to this job.

BUT, make him squirm! Find out exactly what he meant and why. Is there an HR department when you work?

Learn to not be bullied. This is a lesson for all new nurses (and many seasoned nurses).

Be professional and civil, but get the answers that you want and need to move forward.

Best of luck to you!



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As far as the cnas. You are the boss so they can talk all they want as long as they respect you as the supervisor. Whoever was there previously well they are gone and the cnas need to get over it. As far as working in LTC. There is a chain of command. It sounds like there is no structure there. Take that as your cue to go but in the mean time stand your ground!



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I hate being disciplined in front of other people. The worst is when it's your coworkers. Plus it's not fair to the patients very unprofessional. Apply for somewhere else you deserve better.



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Can I just say that I know you are sad about this situation. I honestly would not take it personal though. I think that he was just probably truly looking for someone that had a lot more experience. I agree that the way that he approached you seemed irregular, though. Please don't feel bad. There are lots of other jobs out there, and I know your going to find a good one. You seem like such a nice person, and I just don't want you to feel bad about this. Keep your head up!! :)



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Thanks for the followup, Joanna. Hopefully the administrator will be able to shed a good light for you.



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I would put in my notice and give him 3 or 4 weeks or until he has someone. I also would say I only stay until he has the right person if I get a recommendation of doing my job well and I would like to have that early so I can apply for other jobs.

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I don't know why, but I'm mad about this! Now that you're, "over it". Go to his office with a list of questions. 1) Why did you hire me for this position? 2) Why do you not think I'm capable of handling this position? Did I do something you/someone disapproves of? 3) Where do you plan to transfer me to since you are looking for someone to replace me? I know you think your fired but I don't think he can do that, specially since you were not even given time to prove yourself! I think someone else wants the job, and this is a way to make it available to them. I realize that it is probably in your own best interest to find somewhere else to work, and if you can afford to quit I would give your notice immediately, that way you can leave off that position from your resume. To be able to sleep at night I would like to know what is going on. This is ridiculous and no one should be allowed to treat people that way. I wish I could talk to him for you!!! I'd love to know anything you find out! Good Luck! :angrybird1:

I'm a little steamed too, just reading about what happened. To have this kind of meeting in the hall?? Wrong on SO many levels.

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I agree w/others on here - contact him and ask him if you have a job or not..unfortunately your story is very familiar in the LTC around where I live - which is why no one wants to work at them and they are always, always, always hiring. Respect doesn't cost anything and professionalism should be a given but sadly, it's not.

I'm glad you DO plan to get a straight answer from the boss about your status there.

Good luck.

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It sounded to me like he was asking you to step down from the position you're currently in. Are you the charge nurse? If so, you might not have quite the experience he's looking for. Inviting you to apply again only to tell you that you wouldn't be getting the job was ridiculous just as bringing this up in front of a bunch of other people was unprofessional and rude. But if there are med nurse or treatment nurse positions available, maybe his plan is to offer you one of those. But his behavior is inexcusable for sure!