I was fired for refusing to give injections incorrectly!

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what's next? ....taping two foleys together if she can't find the right size?

Great Idea!! Cant wait to try that one!

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Good thing you got out of there when you did. There were proably several other inappropriate short cuts that you hadn't been taught yet. That is usually how it works. Good luck in your job search.:p :p :p

Gompers, BSN, RN

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Okay, so I've been sitting here for a while, trying to figure out what kind of utter moron thinks it's faster to tape two syringes together than simply to give two injections. Then it finally dawned on me--peds. They only want to stick the kid one time. I'm not saying it's even remotely right, but at least it makes some semblance of sense.

It does make sense to give two shots at the same time, but there's a much safer way to do it. Two nurses, one on each side, giving the shots in opposite limbs on the count of three is MUCH better. That's how we do it in the NICU when we have to give our little ones their slew of vaccinations. Just like when they pierce kids' ears - they do both at the same time.

But taped together...sooooo wrong! And those short needles scare me, too. How many years have they unknowingly been giving IM shots SQ????

Gompers, BSN, RN

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I have actually reported them to to board of health and they have begun an investigation.

Good for you - you did the responsible thing.

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I think it was Gompers who posted about 2 nurses, one on each side to do each injection at same time... that is how we did it when I worked at the peds office many, many moons ago....

Kat, you did the right thing...

2 foley's taped together..... LMAO!!!!

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you did good by sticking to your code of morals ! i'd look for another position first...of course...then go after that practice for wrongful dismissal! you should have no problems with winning & they would have eat your legal expenses too.

good luck ~ cheers!



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Second, that is wonderful Katherine that you took a stand against that unsafe practice. Hopefully you'll find another job soon, and that other office will be investigated by Health dept and FINED! Great job! :)

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Let's stay on the topic posted folks. Don't let one ignorant comment throw this thread off the rails. Thanks.

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:balloons: congratulations to you for sticking to your guns!!

i'm so glad that there are still nurses out there who will do the right thing!!

mary ann

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When she gives immunizations such as DTaP and say Hep B....she tapes the syringes together to give two injections at the same time. This makes it so two injections are given less than a 1/2 inch apart...clearly inappropriate landmarks.

Good God! :eek: Who taught her to do that??

Get yourself a lawyer, hun. Standards and Practice are clearly on your side...and not hers! :angryfire


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Good for you for standing up for your patients! I'm glad you reported them. I'm sure you'll find a new job in an office that doesn't take dangerous shortcuts in no time!


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i am scarcely able to believe what I am reading here. Good lord the scary practices out there continue to stun and frighten me. you were told right; report, report report this. The place is beyond dangerous.

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