I finally made it!!!!!


:nurse: several months ago I am a constant reader of the threads in here hoping for the day where I can post my own thread saying that i finally made it!!! as of today I am officially an RN and LVN i took my RN last monday and found out today that 4 precious letters of "pass" on my status...i took my LVN last October and I made it the first try but I was not that lucky for my RN exam for I have to take it three times before I can finally say I made it! it was rough road for me but I learned, the first time I was under time pressure to take it immediately so I panic, the second time i concentrate on studying and it didn't help now the third time I learn to relax and did not overwhelm myself w/ studying i finally calm down and pass...so for those still trying their best just keep trying and never give that's the name of the game...and Suzanne thank you so much I was able to use your plan too....God bless you and Saunders....
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Congrats! You earned it! :yeah:

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you should be very proud!!!!!!!!!!



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:cheers:WAY TO GO.:hpygrp::ancong!::tbsk:


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I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

I hope I would be able make it too on my 3rd time, I am now using Suzanne's Plan and getting more motivation each day.:redbeathe:heartbeat

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