I failed my Nclex. Where do I go from here?


Hello. I recently posted a thread about me freaking out about attempting the "pearson vue trick" and getting the BAD pop up screen. After seeing many people post on many, many sites that they recieved a bad pop up but indeed ended up passing the nclex. I held hope and faith in God that I would pass this exam. I would like to add I only answered 88 questions before my exam shut off. I am from texas and my state participates in quick results. So I purchased as soon as it became available and there it was.....F A I L. I am absolutely devasted and heartbroken.

I do not know where to go from here. I cant even think straight and I am typing this as I sob.

Where do I go from here??? Do I have to submit a new application for licensure along with re registering for a new nclex examination???

What can I do to make sure the second time is the last time I take my NCLEX-PN?

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I understand the dissapontment and frustration, but please do not beat yourself up so much. Many people fail the test on the first try. Now that you have experienced it, youhave a pretty good idea of what to expect next time. According to the Texas Board of Nursing, youmay retake this test every 45 days in a 4-year period (see below for details)...

How many times can I take the NCLEX Exam?The exam can be taken every 45 days for a four year period of time. This is governed by Rule 217.2 which states in part:

  • © An applicant for initial licensure by examination shall pass the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN within four years of completion of requirements for graduation.
  • (d) An applicant who has not passed the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN within four years from the date of completion of requirements for graduation must complete a board approved nursing education program in order to take or retake the examination

Your next step is remediation, which is to say to review your material. There are plenty of sources out there, or use your books, notes, and school resources. Go back to the school you graduated from... if they have a library, they should be able to letyou use the services, even after graduation.

Keep the chin up! Re-group and go at it again! Do not let this stop you! :up:


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Hi, Don't be heartbroken... look at the report when you receive it. Focus on your weakness. Study contents little then do questions! don't wait to register for second time. My fault i waited and i delayed my exam... Good luck!

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Hi maripereanaz!

First off, take a breath :)

Second, I want to share a story ....

Before I attending graduate school, I got likely the most "positive" rejection letter from a school. In it, it said something along the lines of "while you weren't accepted to our program this year - this denial into our program does not indicate or predict you success in the nursing field as a whole" - or something along those lines. I remember it clearly because I was devastated - likely how you are feeling now. I would encourage you to look at NCLEX the same way. It shouldn't be an indicator of your success in the profession - the test simply determines whether you are safe to enter practice AT THIS TIME.

There could be lots of reasons for not passing, it could have been a poor testing environment, you were distracted or preoccupied with another event in your life or you received a "hard" research/non-scored question. Sometimes the CAD nature of the test design, really freaks test-takers out since they might be doing great as they go along - then all of the sudden they get a non-testable research question. Many test-takers can get preoccupied and one question can send many into an test taking anxiety spiral.

All that being said the important part is to review your score report when you receive it. Focus on those areas, so if pharmacology was your weakness - focus on knowing each area. Chances are you'll recall what questions you were unclear on from when you tested. Remember, NCLEX's job is not to determine how "smart" you are or whether you'll be a "good" provider - it just determines entry-level, safe practice. I know plenty of nurses that are exceptional caregivers that didn't pass NCLEX on their first try.

Re-applying for the NCLEX is usually facilitated through your state board. Often they'll be a reapplication and you'll reapply as if your a new applicant. But I believe their is a waiting period before you can retest, which is just to ensure that you remediate instead of just testing again and again.

Hope this helps and you will get there!

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I failed my first attempt at the NCLEX-PN (called State Boards back when) 30 years ago. Morning sickness had me too ill to study. But if you look at my credentials, you can see where I went from there. I was accepted into a MSN and a MSHS program. They are just waiting for me to show up to class (back on the fence about it....again).

I didn't shed one tear about failing the NCLEX or any other exam. (But I did get mad as hell when I failed my first-ever nursing exam during my BSN program. That's a whole other hilarious story. Search for my thread "Ok! Ok! This is my confession!"). It is just a test; not a matter of life and death. I kept this in mind when I sat for the NCLEX-RN 6 years ago. You cannot go into any exam thinking about what's riding on the outcome. The stress with that alone is enough to cause you to fail.

So, clear your mind, hit the books, and prepare as you did with all your nursing school quizzes and exams. When it's time, just take the exam again. Keep your exam date to yourself so that no eyes will be on you. If it takes you one more attempt or one more year filled with attempts, keep it to yourself until you pass....none would be the wiser.

And yes, you go through the entire application process again. You've done it before; it's no big deal.

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BSNbeDONE You said it beautifully.

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Hi there, it is such a difficult time right now but you will pass! I studied Kaplan and they have qbank and question trainers that literally trained my brain to think how NCLEX wants me to think and I did passed. I had to wipe tears many times as I did those questions but eventually it all paid off. I hope you the best of luck in your career and don't give up, God will take the wheel of your life :)

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You'll do alright.

Remember you're from Texas.

Take the damn thing again and don't pay Pearson any more money. (what's the point?)

Who gets a cut from that gravy train anyway?