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Hi everyone!

I know this is not important to most, but I have to pat myself on the back.

Today my certificate for registration in the General Class of Nursing came in the mail. woohooo!

Its going to be strange, but rewarding to sign those two letters after my name....Imagine....me a Registered Nurse.

Three and a half long years of nursing school and I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that this day would come. Had to live every moment in the moment...too risky to think ahead. Every stage of the game since January has been a real blur! Passing those last clinicals with the SCARIEST, HARDEST instructor in the school, 14 weeks of pregraduate experience, writing the registration exam, waiting for the results, going to job interviews, and now....tadah.

This is the day you students are looking forward to...and guess what it will be here before you know it. Learn all you can and stay positive. Just picture opening up that package and taking out your License.

Now the real challenge begins.:p


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Well congratulations brenzgrove! That is wonderful news. Now get out there and show the world that you worked hard and deserved that license! :balloons: Good luck to you!


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CONGRATS!!!! Now just practice that signature!!! I did, when I got my license I was so excited I wrote on every scrap paper in the house!!!!


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Congrats! That's great! I can't wait until I get to experience the same thing. :D


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:balloons: Congratulations!!!!! :balloons:

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! There's nothing quite like the first time you get to write RN behind your name, but I can tell you, it still feels good 6+ years later. Good luck in your nursing career!


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I know people who have been nursing more than half a century who are very proud to be an RN.

Our work is very valuable. The scientific knowledge and technical skills learned in school followed by experience create a life to be proud of!


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wooooooooohoooooooooooo! I, too, remember that day! It was awesome! :kiss


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WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!




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That's wonderful. Tell me was the envelope thick or thin?

Congratulations REGISTERED NURSE!!!

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Originally posted by healingtouchRN

wooooooooohoooooooooooo! I, too, remember that day! It was awesome! :kiss

Me too! Me too ! It is burned in my memory... still grin when I think about it. The jumping up and down... the "who do I call first" ? :D

ENJOY !!! And savor the moment . Good for you ! CONGRATS ! :balloons:

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