I am so angry right now.....I feel like giving up.


I'm so discouraged about my progress towards a nursing degree. I've been trying since Spring 2005 to make it into a program. Everytime I think I'm making progress something gets in my way and it feels like a door just closes in my face. As the years progress things get worse. I'm no longer eligible for federal financial aid, every cc I've applied to has turned me down, I've been to 4 different cc's in the past decade and I still can't make it into nursing school. :angryfire

I'm beginning to think I may be mistaken about my career choice. It breaks my heart b/c I love the medical field. Since I was 10 years old I've wanted to be a doctor or a nurse and now I feel I'm not getting anywhere. I also have so many other people's expectations on my shoulders for financial reasons which makes it harder for me to change career plans.

:crying2: The only other career choices I've ever considered are Architecture and Psychology but they would just be a job.......medicine is my calling.

I'm doubting everything I've worked for the past few years and I feel I'm at a crossroads and don't know what to do. Its July and at the beginning of August I have to make up my mind about which way I'm going to go with this.

Please help.....any words of advice are welcome.

:confused: I'm sorry about the pitty party I just don't know where else to go where others may have been through a similar situation.

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I am very sorry that you haven't been able to enter a program yet. :o

Have you tried private colleges? I opted for a private (very expensive) route due to less 'competition' and no waiting list. I took out all loans and now have a job lined up that offers tuition reeimbursement.

I know that around here, all the community colleges are 3 times cheaper but waiting lists are about 2 yrs plus lottery system.

You might want to consider that route if available in your area. I was blessed to get in the first time I applied. They looked at my grades, GPA, interview etc.....not throw my number in a hat and see what happened. I was given negative advice for my decision and I can honestly say that those people are still on waiting lists while I get pinned in August.

Much luck to you and please don't give up on your dream. If nursing is your calling......it will happen!


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Have to totally agree w/ the above post. definitely give the private college a try. You mentioned you are no longer eligible for financial aid, how about taking out a student loan? You don't start paying these back till 6 months after u are out of school. Don't give up. Some of us get an easier road to achieve our goals while others have to fight a gator or two. Stand firm to the challenge don't be detered!! Dk.


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Hi there

I want to give you a huge first so.. Hugs:icon_hug:... it's going to be okay. Have you tried private schools...they may be a little more expensive but at least its an option.

How about loans? I know some don't particularly like this option but once you have your RN then you can start paying it back.

Please don't give up, this is still doable.


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Hi there

I want to give you a huge first so.. Hugs:icon_hug:... it's going to be okay. Have you tried private schools...they may be a little more expensive but at least its an option.

How about loans? I know some don't particularly like this option but once you have your RN then you can start paying it back.

Please don't give up, this is still doable.


Loans are a life saver plus if you are lucky, you can land a job that will help pay them back ;)


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CCs' porgrams are usually harder to get into do to the lack of Nursing faculty.They can only take a very small amount of students as a result of this.What you need to do is apply to private schools.Take out a loan.You probably completed most of the General ed. courses req. by most Nursing schools, so you wouldn't have alot of courses to pay for besides Nursing courses.Hang in there and if this is what you really want, you will remain determined to pursue it.If you need to support others financially, why not consider a LPN program and then apply to a bridge program ? Many people fail to understand that Nursing is not the only rewarding, well paying, health career that exists .Why not try Physician assistant , Occupational Therapy,Physical Therapy, Pharmacy,Respiratory Therapy...the list goes on ,sweety.I've been contemplating pursuing another health career if I don't get accepted into a Nursing program by next fall. I mean I need to go on with my life.Im not going to sit around, and wait to get into a program just b/c of a lack of faculty in Nursing schools.You are intelligent enough for any health care career and im sure that there are many programs waiting to admit determined students like you.Think about it.


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I totally agree with the advice that Aspiring Nurse offers. If you can't get in the front door...use the back! Consider getting your LPN/LVN degree....usually less than a year and way less competitive. Once you are licensed and employed as an LPN then many, many employers will pay YOU to get your RN degree and assist you.

I am partial to nursing and think it is unequaled as dynamic field to work in but here ARE other health care fields that you might find rewarding and can get into more easily. I've worked with many a nurse who started out as a sonographer, radiology technologist, respiratory therapist, etc but I've never worked with a nurse who was changing to any of those career paths! It probably happens though. Still....there are many good jobs in healthcare that might meet your needs if the path to nursing is too long. Good luck! :nurse:


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I have no advice for you except keep trying if that's what your calling is. I'm sorry it's been such a rough road so far and I hope you are accepted into the program very soon. If this is what you really feel you need to be doing, then do it, but if you would be happy in one of those other fields, why not. Only you can answer that though...best of luck!


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I'm Sorry You're Having A Hard Time. I Really Dont Know What To Tell You Except Maybe Your Problem Is Cc's. I Couldn't Get Any Financial Aid To Go To A Cc Here Because The School Didn't Participate In Alot Of Programs. Maybe You Should Look Into A 4 Yr School, It Takes Longer But If This Is What You Want, It Will Be Well Worth It.

Hello, I've got to say I fell like giving up sometimes but I think of how I will fell in a couple of years around the time I should be graduating. Most of the time when we look back things were not as bad as they seemed and we know we should have just stuck it out. Whatever you do don't give up. I agree with the others. There are a lot of medical programs you can get into. Try going to some of the private schools and talking to a advisor to see what your options are. Most schools will try to find some sort of FA for you because they are trying to make money themselves by filling classrooms. I am applying to a RN program in the fall and if I don't make it I will apply for a OT program that I am sure of. If I still want to be a nurse I will apply after I become a OT. There is always a way out! Take a deep breath exhale slowly and look into some other options. Some people can plow right through to the end while others have to take one step at a time. Just make sure you stay focused on whatever you decide and you we be just fine! Best of The Sunshine To You!

Thanks to everyone for your support. I will be looking at all my options and continuing with my dream. I've also decided to go back to work until I get into a program either LPN or RN. I'll keep applying and one day it'll be my turn. I should look towards the future and not how long it has taken me to get this far. Thank you all for your encouragement and great ideas.:)

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The first thing I would do is sit down with a counsler and find out why you're not getting accepted. Do they just considered GPA or are there other contributing factors? You may have to take more classes to make yourself more desirable to these schools. I know without finacial aide that it's hard to do, but take one class a semester or look into applying for scholarships.

Ask around, ask other nursing students and recent graduates what schools don't have waiting lists or have different qualifications for applicants. You'd be surprised by some of the answers.



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