I am so angry right now.....I feel like giving up.


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I do feel for you, I am in the same boat, I am 34 years old a mother of 3, and since Jan. 2004 been trying to get into the nursing program at my CC. Still working on my co-reqs although until this last Jan I was 2 courses from completing all my pre-and co-reqs when they added two more courses. I have only taken the TEAS test once due to failing it have not worked up the nerve to try again although I have to even have a chance of getting in. As well, a month ago received a letter from financial aid stating that I was no longer eligible for financial aid, based on my progress towards my degree which could not be achieved without exceeding the 150% of total credits I was allowed to finish my degree. I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to get accepted into my community college's nursing program, nor did I understand the total concept of finishing one's degree within 150% of their total credits. I was especially dumbfounded when I realized that even the classes that you drop are added to the 150% of total credits you are allowed, even when its replaced by another class. As a result, of not understanding how and what is figured into the 150% and my lack of knowledge that all the classes I had dropped even the one's dropped the first week and replaced by another would all be counted has landed me over that limit, and now may not be able to finish my degree without help. I also, made the mistake of taking 16.5 credits my first semester of school 7.5 of which was for an EMT course that was not needed to earn a nursing degree, only if I knew then what I know now.

All I have ever wanted was to be a nurse, but it may no longer be possible no matter how much I want it or how sure I am that nursing is the path I was meant to take it may not happen. For many years, I have worked in health care and this has led me to the assurance that I wanted to be a nurse, but my stupidity may have ruined my chances of achieving it. Even though, I can always work in the health care field and have many certifications, none which would fulfill me as much as working as a nurse would ( I am a certified nursing assistant, a certified emergency medical technologist, as well have a certification in phlebotomy, and a certification in end of life care) Although, I did love the ten years I worked in nursing homes, as well love my job of 5 years doing private care for the terminally ill, I know as a nurse I will and can do so much more to help my patients.

Yet, as most colleges mine has a very competitive nursing program and they do not care what past health care experience you have, they only consider your grades, and admittance into nursing is solely on your GPA and scores from the TEAS test. I am very discouraged at this point, and afraid with the enormous applicants they get for nursing and how easily they already weed out their applicants they will find it very easy to turn down my appeal. With my cumulative HRS at 67.50 and still needing 50 more credits to finish a degree in nursing and a school that has it chose of applicants why would they even consider me now. So believe me I know the pressure from family ( ARE YOU DONE WITH SCHOOL YET? OR HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU HAVE? can be hard to answer) I know the feeling of being beat down, and all the pressure we get from family also know the wandering if it will even happen, thinking there is no hope of getting in and thinking of just quitting, but we can't. It took me years to work up the nerve to return to school and after almost 4 years of hard work, missed birthdays, and all the time I have sacrificed while in school that could have been spent with my children; time that will never be mine again I know I cannot give up no matter how long it takes or what it takes to get there is better than it all being for nothing because I quit. So don't give up we will get there someway or somehow it will happen if we really want it, we are not alone in this hardship although until now I thought I was.


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Just wanted to say never give up on your dream. I've walked in your shoes. I was worried I would never be able to get in either but I just did. I'll tell you exactly what kind of hurdles I had to jump through and hopefully this will help you get there too.

I made the same mistake of taking so many classes that it put me over the 150% mark. I got my CNA, EMT, and even an AA in Dance but none of this could really provide a stable future not to mention their lousy pay (at least from a single parents situation). I don't regret taking the classes but I was unaware of the future consequences as far as FA was concerned. So this is what happened...

I was living in CA and only needed two classes to apply for the RN program there, but my situation had changed and I had to move to FL. This is where things began to get tricky and I wasn't prepared for all the hurdles ahead but, I never gave up.

I took the route of going to a private university where your FA starts over, due to it being a higher institution. Unfortunately, they wouldn't except some of my classes (because of their descriptions, even though they were the same) and I had to take quite a few more in order to apply to any FL RN program. Also, private universities are so costly that even with my scholarships, I still had to get loans. It is correct that you won't have to pay them back until 6mos after you graduate at a very low interest rate. And yes, some hospitals will help you pay them back, but only part. That still leaves you with a pricey remainder. I realized this after my first semester and decided I didn't want to be that far in debt immediately after finishing my degree. That would have defeated the whole purpose of getting a better paying job. So I decided to go back to the cc, at least the loans wouldn't be so much. Which led me right into my problem.

By this time I had hit the 150% mark and received a notice form FA. I asked FA if I could just apply for loans at least. Unfortunately for some odd reason you can't apply for loans if you can't get FA too! Weird I know so I had to write an appeal to the Dean explaining why my career change was so important to our future. Luckily, I had good grades, which played a part. My appeal was granted but, it was only good for one FA year. After that, I would need to appeal again. So, I attended one semester there and I finished all my prerequisites earning a spot on the Dean's list. I then took the RN entrance exam and submitted my application (they go by a point system here) and got lucky! I got accepted for the following semester, WOW!

But wait there's more, lol! The kicker is that now it's a new FA year and I had to appeal to the Dean again, which I'm waiting to hear back from. The lady that always helps me in FA seemed pretty confident that because I proved to continue having good grades and just got accepted that I shouldn't have to worry. I hope she's right because that would su*k if it got turned down, just when I finally got accepted. I guess we'll see. I'll keep you posted I should find out soon.

But this is why I say never, ever give up. Where there's a will there's a way. I hope this helps.

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