I almost lost it today!!

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Hi guys!

I am a very patient person and I have dealt with really bad family members. But today I almost LOST IT!!!

it was 1830 almost time for me to give report. ANyways, the daughter of this patient comes in and start asking me all these questions. So I am answering very politely, etc. Then she asked me If I could put Lotion on his arms and hands because they looked dry. So I said ok and did it while I was talking with her. When I finished I washed my hands and put the lotion away and she says: oh.. honey you missed a spot!!!!! could you put more here??!!! I was like!!! you gotta be kidding me!!??? I felt like crap like I was her maid!! I looked at her and said, here hon, you can do it. and left. GOSH!!! I told my charge nurse and she felt the same way I did, totally insulted!

gosh... thanks for letting me vent!

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"Oh honey" Don't you just want to vomit? The nerve.....I had the husband of a pt call me to the room to cover her with a blanket-which was lying folded over the foot of the freaking bed....The "art" in nursing comes into play in this type of situation...We have to convey our true feelings without getting ourselves into trouble..With the "Look" and our body language.It takes practice to do it well - but it sounds like YOU are a natural....Good job...You rule!

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(((((((Pamelita))))))))) Gotta luv ya, hon! ;) :chuckle You go girl! :kiss

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I hear ya GIRL!!! I hate lazy family members like that...we AREN'T MAIDS for god's sake!!!!


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I am so with you guys...

I am working as a clinical nurse consultant type role in Australia.

One morning a week the team get together for a meeting. Well as the only nurse representative on this team it is me who has to get the tea and coffee - and God help us if I am not there!

Goes to show that it is not only patients that treat us like maids its our supposed colleagues!



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recently i was called to work for a stat c.section. so in i went and there was no c.section. pt. agreed to it, then changed her mind. things were bad w/ baby's hr down then very much improved for awhile. just as i was about to leave and go back home, fetal hr dropped again. pt. was having variable decels which were severe. baby's hr dropped to the 70's and would go back up to 170's. it was bizarre.

she wouldn't turn or let us help her turn. she took the o2 of and sat up in bed loudly demanding a (bleeping) drink of water now. "no it wll be fine, i won't turn over to my side." " i don't want a c.section", then push we say. "no i can't. i'll do it w/ the next contraction." fifth baby. i though she would be better after she finally (vaginally) delivered all of a sudden.

not likely. she wanted her baby right away. why can't he stay here on my belly?" minor technicality---he wasn't breathing. we had told her before she delivered how concerned we were about the baby and he would need to go to the warmer for ped to check him out. "well, when are you going to clean me up. i want to shower now. (she had an epidural). my legs aren't that numb. i feel yucky. then you better give me a bath now." my feet are cold. get me some socks." those aren't the right socks. get me the other socks." best of all, when she demanded something, her visitors would say. when are you going to get her socks? her feet are cold. like weren't we just looking right at her as she just told us what she wanted. DUH!!!

yeeks! she was a real pain and i only spent about 1 hour w/ her. her poor nurse said she was the most awful pt. ever in 35 years for her. of course after a little stimulation, her baby was perfectly fine.


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I think family members are actually afraid to touch the patient sometimes. Like there is an invisible force field that will zap them if they attempt to do anything easy and non medical to help them.

Things that I have made me sigh: Pt's daughter comes running out, grabs me in the hall "My Dad said he is too hot. Do something to help him!" I go in there (after asking 5 other family members to step out of the way so I can actually get to the bed), the patient has 5 blankets piled on him. I pulled off 4 blankets, set them on a chair and walked out. It took a college education to figure that one out!

Perfectly capable patients that demand that I straighten out their bed because the TOP blanket is a little crumpled in the corner. They will actually be walking around in their room, stand at the foot of the bed and point to it..... :rolleyes:

And what is it with lotion and socks? I've had many a request by family to put lotion on a patient's hands, and tons of requests to put on patients socks before they get out of bed to walk to the bathroom. I, personally, would be embarrassed to ask my loved one's nurse to do this when I am perfectly capable of doing it for them myself.


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I agree, sometimes fear is a factor. I have sometimes in a situation in which I thought people were too much like that L&D patient, said, OK, now here is the way it is going to go now. I am 1 person, my hearing is good, I am a professional nurse, you can trust me to take good care of you (your loved one). Your issuing orders makes me feel like a maid and I don't like that feeling. So, here is how I am going to do my work. I will set priorities, I will be incharge. If anyone is uncomfortable with that, I will show you to the waitiing room. But I cannot allow visitors to comromise my care of Judy here. And, Judy, you will relax now, you can trust me. We have just been through the birth of your baby. We are a team and I am the captain and coach. Does everyone understand? Or something like that.


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"Well as the only nurse representative on this team it is me who has to get the tea and coffee - and God help us if I am not there!"

What does "has to" mean in that sentence? Remember:


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My grandma has a good saying.

"Are your fingers broken?"

I've been dying to use that at work for a very long time.


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my mum says 'kangaroo tea............jump up and make it!


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I guess it doesn't bother me when people ask me to do stuff as long as they are nice about it. What I have a hard time dealing with is the people that are downright rude! I had a patient that kept TELLING me what to do, not even asking, just telling! no please or thank you! I almost lost it with her.

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