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I am an RN student that will be graduating in december and would like to know if anyone has used the Hurst review and their thought on the program. It is pretty spendy, but they guarentee you pass or your money back. I am looking for actual testimonies on this program. Your help is very appreciated.

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no one can guarantee you that you will pass your nclex. it's all up to the individual taking the course and the amount of time they put forth to follow the techniques outlined in the program you have paid for. but, hurst is cheaper than kaplan so be glad you saved at least $50-75 if you use her.

hurst (knowledge based) questions are no where near what you will see on the actual nclex whereas kaplan is set up exactly like the nclex. additionally, the rationales that follow the hurst questions are not as detailed as those that come with kaplan...and even examcram practice questions. luckily for me, my friends attended the hurst live review and passed me their book, workbook and cds. my employer actually paid for my kaplan in class review.

for me, i found that i needed to used the techniques provided by both hurst and kaplan together to review for the nclex.

check with your public library to see what nclex review books they have available. you may find the kaplan strategies book along with examcram. if so, download the cds at home--for free. they may be all you need to study strategies with. you may determine that you do not need to purchase the hurst live (or online) review.

good luck! :up:

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I did not do an actual review course, but did check out a few books from the library (Kaplan and Hurst, plus borrowed ExamCram from a friend). Kaplan questions were definitely the most similar to NCLEX questions. I thought Hurst questions were far too easy.

Personally, if I were to spend the money on a review, I would do Kaplan. But if you think that Hurst fits your style and is helping you learn, go with Hurst!


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I say HURST all the way!!! she go over core content! that's what u need to pass the exam content!! I did the online review and it was GREAT!! yes some of her questions are easy but its to bulid up ur knowledge base! her mock nclex was the the KEY to my sucess to PASS the NCLEX!! let me mention I took Kaplan my first time and FAILED!!! got my money back and PASSED with Aunt Marlene!! I would also invest in that Kaplan 2009 strategy book but not the course unless ur content is on point but any who Hurst is cheaper $300 bucks!! Trust me u need to brush up on content cause it u know the content u can answer any question that come ur way!! PM is u need to!


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Thanks for the responses! Our class is trying to get the Hurst live session set up. I am very eager to finish this semester and take that NCLEX. I have heard so many mixed responses about the NCLEX.


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I just took the NCLEX this week and failed. I took Kaplan and I do agree if you have good content knowledge, Kaplan is the course. My instructor told me that I failed because my content was weak and need to study content in order to pass the exam. I was devasted when I failed, but now I am over it and plan to study content and do more questions again. Hurst is good for people who are weak in content. If I knew then what I knew now, I probably would of taken Hurst instead of Kaplan.

I am going to test again within 50 days, so I when I am not doing questions, I will be reading my book from Kaplan. A lot of the diseases and drugs I saw where in the Kaplan book.

I also know that I have had classmates who failed and took Hurst and passed. I know one of my classmates who took Kaplan with me failed twice and she has not rescheduled for her third time yet.


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i found this thread very much informative..thanks sooo much ghostmedic for asking this question!!!and good luck!!:up:

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