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Is there a difference between taking the online or live review? or which is better or would it just depend on the person itself?


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I went to the live review. Glad I did because you can ask the instructor if you have any questions. Live review definitely got me engaged. Only used hurst review plus kaplan and I passed the first time!


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difference between live and class


There is an instructor there, yet part of the class goes through videos you would normally go through anyways. Instructor doesn't always know the answers, yet its good to have a Q&A with parts you have problems with. Bad, there normally seems to be only one class every so often in certain areas, so if you like to really grill the information in you'll have to wait till the next time the class comes around.

Mostly you are given a hand book that is spiral bound and its a fill in the blank as we go type of class structure.

Pro: Q&A, structured environment, hand outs printed for you, access to online material good for two weeks after the class 4-5th day material good for a year.

Con: Long days of writing, crammed into a few days. Tiered by the end so not studying as you go.


Same material as in class but you'll have to print out the book. Just go to Fedexkinkos (or what ever they are called and have them print the book out for you. Videos you can watch over and over till the light bulb goes off and you have that ah ha moment. Questions can be asked via e-mail, so delayed on response time.

Pro: Go at your own pace. re-review videos as much as you want, heck download the audio and listen to it on the way to work (yea not supposed to do that, but its the internet lets be honest).

Cons: have to print material (from what I was told), not instant answers (but if you have a medsurg book that shouldnt be an issue), require internet access (some people live without it).

My view: I just wanted the information and I got a lot out of the course. I did the in class and it was worth it to me due to I need a class room and not the interne---ponies....err..internet since i get easily distra-buterfly-ted.

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