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Hurst and then Kaplan


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Hello friends,

I have a quetion or advise to ask,

I failed my NCLEX on the first try and now are getting back in track of studying on weak areas and what not.

I noticed that i needed some content and also strategy, so i decided to do Hurst first all lectures to refresh and then Kaplan for question strategy to prepare to retake.

Can someone tell me if they have used the same strategy and if they have, has this worked for you ?

I just reviewed the Electrolyte and Fluids and Orthopedics because i am terrible in those, and i felt like i had forgotten so much ferom school already.

Anyway, after the review i felt like i understood so much more.

Thank you


I'm in the same boat...I just purchased Hurst online review and planning on using Davis q& a for questions. I think it all depends on the person. My first time around I thought I could just rely on answering questions and memorizing the labs and the s/s of much of the more popular diseases and be alright but realize I was wrong so I'm taking a step back and starting from scratch....good luck and stay focus

If your using Hurst and you want do strategy. Buy the nclex kaplan book for strategy I bought it online for 21$ has great strategy and it divides whats important to know in the nclex!!! Good luck !


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thankk you all, i have been listening to Hurst reviews, im on burns today, and so far i am loving it, its like back to school again but all put together in perspectives and for some reason im understanding it now, so i plan to do that for the next week and then the other 3 weeks i have left, are all for kaplan strategy, i figure, if i am already refreshed on everything , i should be able to get the strategies now.

I hope that is indeed a good plan ;) will keep you all posted, i take it in October 1st at 8am


Good job keep it up! I am on neuro lecture now then going to do the Kaplan Q trainers and finish the Kaplan strategy book.

I purchased Brilliant Smart for a week to try it and I did it all keeping myself entertained while lightening to these lecture! Good luck mine I hope mid October too :)

Hurst is really good for content. I would suggest getting the Kaplan Qbank only. It is similar to the nclex but more challenging which is good. Memorize labs, Insulins, nursing rules, diets, medications (endings & side effects) hope it helps! I passed my nclex the second time! Pray and focus! Good luck! :)


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thank you so much you all, i do think this time around i will get it , i am actually motivated and excited to take it this time which never happened on the first try, i was very fearful.

I will keep you all posted fingers crossed!!!


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Hello, just thought i would update what i have been doing , so far i have finished most of hurst i only have maternity and peds left. I have loved their review, it has helped me alot in content which i needed. I just took the first Question trainer in Kaplan which i had gotten a 58% last back in July and today after 75 questions and a break at 50 question, i got a 69.3%. The only one below 60% was Safety and infection control. The rest were all above 60 and high.

I am so impressed on how much i have improved. I still have 2 q/2 more weeks so i am finishing all the Qbank for Kaplan and all 7 question trainers along with SATA questions.

What do you all think?

deimysd.vigil your doing really good :) I finished listening to all Hurst videos and I am half way done with Kaplan strategy book while listening to Kaplan strategy question with each section when I finish reading the strategy book... I didn't start yet with Kaplan Q banks or Q trainers. I am doing that next... but your scores are really good. Safey & Infection Control has 9-15% in the exam make sure you know the different between Airbone, Doplet, Contact precautions and how do apply PPE or remove PPE.. Good luck! keep it up!


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Thank you so much. So the 69% is good right? I mean I was getting 50s before I took it for the first time.

So I hope this time is good for me :-)

How are you reading the whole Kaplan book. I couldn't do it. It was so lengthy :-(

My scores were 50's too when I failed first time but 69% is great I am not reading the content Kaplan I am reading Strategies, Practice & Review for Kaplan my friend told me it will make me stronger in answering questions so I am doing and listening to online questions with strategy each time I complete doing a section their amazing!!!

As long you work on your weakness and improve yourself.. Try few days before the exam listen to the online questions and strategy each category are 60 questions I really like it and makes me review the strategy, when do I use decision tree, I recently learned for Priority questions you eliminate stable patient then look for unstable patients.. new things never knew about it and I am taking notes too to review.. good luck and update me... STAY POSITIVE.. forget about your past experience and look forward :)

Dear Hmahdoui I reading hurst and planning to kaplan but I don't know should I do just a bank or the whole course can you please give me some advice I will be very thankful you I am planning to take my exam on 15 oct.

Thanks Hmahdoui really appreciate it .is there any other source should I use for questions too or kaplan book is enough.


this book. its FREE and its golden. use this read it cover to cover, used OLD editions are 1 dollar. purchase it nd read it! it should NOT take ou more than a week to finish this. 5-6 hours hardcore dedicaton a day is all you need. then REINFORCE what your rea dthrough hurst!

take NOTES i think the biggest thing people dont do is take notes. they must take notes on stuff they Get WRONG, forget or DONT KNOW AT ALL! it helps to reinforce it. whether you liek typing like me or writing like others its up to you. but get it done.

u got this


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Hello everyone again, I just took Question Trainer 2 from Kaplan - found it a bit more challenging i had frgotten somethings apparently, but i was able to come out with a 65.3%, what do you all think? I know its not all about the scores but i didnt care about scores last tme and was fine with getting 50s in all the qtrainers and i failed, so this time i am actually caring for the grade because that obviously reflects how confident and knowledgeable i am of this darn NCLEX, also in the Application part of it, it says i got a 75% which counted for 8/9 Application questions they asked me, not that many but its a good start right?

So what do you all think? I need some encouragement and confidence, I am feeling good knowing already that last time I took Qtrainer2 i got a 52% and now i got a 65%.

Thank you friends.

deimysd.vigil That's a great score! you approved very well! as long your above 60% percentile that's good. I am going to do my Q trainers next week too and will compare my scores as well! keep it up!