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How you work nights with kids?


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I am new to the boards (and love them!) and am taking my prereq course to get into a second degree BSN program. Is it true when you get out of school, you mostly work nights? If so, I have a 4 year old and wondered if there are any single moms out there that can give ideas on what they did with their kids at night? I know it has to be possible, but I am just at a loss at how... I am sure grandma & grandpa will help out, but do people have kids that go sleep over Grandma and Grandpa at night for them to go to work? I just don't want to feel like a bad mom when some of my friends and family look at me like a weirdo if this is what I choose to do with him when I work.

You aren't mandated to work nights, sometimes it works better though; less rush, fewer MDs phones ect.

As long as it doesn't impose on your mom and dad and the kids are ok, why not?

Most nurses have families, including small children. You have to find someone you can trust to help out, whether it is family or not. As for what people think---why should that be an issue if you are supporting your children and acting responsibly? You probably won't work EVERY night of the week. Most places pay more for night differential, which could be a benefit too.


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find a good day care person.

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I worked nights from the time my son was 4 yrs. old. I found I actually had more time with him. Over the years I used a sitter at her home, a sitter at my home, and grandparents and other single mom friends (we traded off) to fill in the gaps.

The good part of working nights with kids is that most of the hours you are gone are during their sleep time, and it's nice to be there in the afternoons when they get home from school.

Didn't get custody of mine - because of shifts.

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I have watched one of my grandchildren in years past when my daughter worked nights. It worked out fine because he was always a good sleeper which allowed me to get my sleep too.

I also started the 11 to 7 nightshift right out of nursing school, but I had a husband and three kids. The husband talked me into "getting my foot in the door by working that shift". Come to find out, it was so he and his mistress could be together all night while I was at work. He even drove me to work every time I worked, and picked me up like nothing had happened. Would I ever work nights again now that I'm married a SECOND time? Hell no! :nono: While the CATS away, the MOUSE might enjoy playing too much in the dark! :lol2:

Now, as a single mom, you won't have the male factor to contend with as I did, so if gramma is willing and the child is in good hands then let her watch the child at night. Just make sure you leave your child in hands you KNOW that you KNOW you can trust so he won't become an abused child (emotionally, verbally, physically, or spiritually). To your child, YOU are his first line of defense. With you away from him, build his secondline of defense very very carefully for his own protection. :)

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I've been a nurse for almost two years and I've worked nights most of that time. My husband sometimes travels out of town for work, sometimes for a couple of nights, sometimes for several weeks at a time. Right now, when my hubby is gone, I have a babysitter who comes to my house on weeknights, and when I have to work weekends, I take my son to my in-laws, who live about an hour away. If we're in a time crunch, they'll meet me halfway. Since I work 12 hour nights, I only work 3 nights a week. I sleep during the day while Ian is at school, then I'm with him for about 2.5 hours until I go to work. Of course when I'm not working (the other four nights a week) I get to spend even more time with him. It has worked out well for us. I like being home every afternoon when he gets home from school, and usually I get home early enough that I put him on the bus instead of his going to the before-school program.

However, before you resign yourself to having to work nights, I graduated with several nurses who were able to secure day jobs upon graduation. So if you really want to work day shift, look around, you may find something you want.


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Thanks so much for the input and konni I like that you get to spend so much time with your son on the off days... The flexibility that nursing offers is another good reason I am making the career change. It is way to hard for me to work 8-5 doing something that is not rewarding and I don't get to see my son enough!

Thanks again everyone :)

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