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How to study questions using kaplan?


Hello everyone for those who have passed the nlcex or are currently studying for the nclex how did you study after you are done with a test? I am currently doing kaplan qbank and qtrainers, but it takes me a really long time to write down the rationales, I feel like it takes a lot of time to do that and maybe I should be using that time to look at topics I don't know, but at the same time I really wish I had the time to write it because it sticks better when I write it down and highlight it or underline it or even circle it in colors. I have 4 wks until my exam, I still have to start the question bank and plan on reading pda lacharity that I just purchased today on the amazon kindle app. I feel because I write everything down then I don't have enough time:coldfeet: Any advice is really appreciated!!!

So far these are my scores:

DX: 61%

qtrainer 1: 55%

qtrainer 2: 60%

qtrainer 3: 57%

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Your scores are good. The PDA book is a good choice. You know how you learn best, so as long as you are managing your time effectively and still have time before NCLEX keep on going.

How long have you been reviewing for nclex? I'll be taking mine on december but until now I have not yet start my review. I have Kaplan and Davis q & a. I don't know were to start? Pls, need some advise! Thank you!


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What are you writing down? If you are writing down the entire rationale of the questions you got wrong you are making you're life way to difficult.

When I went through the rationales I would make a list of the topics I got wrong/unfamiliar with that I wanted to look up. But I only wrote down a couple of words to describe the topic, like "flushing g-tube" or "parkinson's symptoms."

I would do 150 questions a day or one of the q-trainers, and when I was finished I would read the rationales, make my list, and look up the topics I needed more familiarity with.

Well I think its best to take a test.. lets say you do a QBANK for 100 questions. Remediate ASAP!! Take a little break after you test and then come back and remediate the exam ASAP. Its not good to look over the rationales days after you already took the exam.

Well I think its best to take a test..

lets say you do a QBANK for 100 questions. Remediate ASAP!! Take a little break after you test and then come back and remediate the exam ASAP.

Its not good to look over the rationales days after you already took the exam.

Remediate the 100 questions take a 5 to 15 minute break and remidiate only what you got wrong...this way you go over what you got wrong twice!

Review content of stuff you got wrong, as a way to reinforce your weak areas.

Good luck!

nurseylove,Rubz and dexm I like all of your tips!!!!!!!!! Yes, it is better to go over it right away when it is fresh, today I did yesturdays rationales and I realized that, and I think that instead of writing it down I should go over all of them first and then the wrong ones for the second time, then look over things I don't know (or even look over it right then and there so I don't end up with a big list), I'll try that after qtrainer 4 on thursday and see how that turned out:bugeyes: It will be hard to break the temptation of writing everything down:writing:, but some how writing it all down isn't working for me it is so time consuming, and I want to have time to read pda lacharity. :yes:

Myworl You need to start ASAP the more you study something the longer it stays in your long term memory, you can probably go over kaplan twice! Believe me kaplan has plenty of stuff you won't retain everything the first time, but imagine if you do it twice you would have a good chance at passing! I did the hurst review before kaplan and I feel that it has helped me to learn content and they way they explain things has helped me to apply those concepts to many things, I'm not saying go and buy all the reviews, just start ASAP maybe start with phase one of the kaplan which is content but if you feel good with content then start with questions. There is no such thing as studying too much for the nclex :bookworm:

Well i did a couple of the q trainers more than once, because when i originally started them i didnt review the rationales right away and ended up forgetting what i tested on. But when i reviewed i would read each and every one even if i got it right because it could have been a good guess or i might not have understood really why it was right. Then i would research anything i didnt understand. I wouldnt write the rationales out, reviewing them is time consuming enough. And if i saw that i had a question wrong before i looked at the right answer i would look at the other three choices and see if i could figure out the correct answer before reading it

Also i watched the videos on pharmacology with kaplan because i didnt know where to start with meds. Its long but helpful

Jae6 thanks! I am going to do qtrainers 6 and 7 twice, and see how that goes, you know I don't know where to start on pharm either, I have hurstreview but they don't have a video on pharm because they say it is a memorization thing, so I guess I will watch the videos from kaplan and then read over what hurst has summarized on meds, I'll keep you posted to let you know how I'm doing!

No problem. I will be starting this process all over again

After taking the qbanks I would go over each test and review the rationales for all of my answers whether I got them right or wrong. Helps all of the rationales to stay in your head. Best of luck


VanessaK83 thanks! yeah I'm doing that, I hope I pass, I test in 2 wks and 5days!