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  1. nurseylove

    Near to Pass

    You CAN Do this!! I had pretty awful test anxiety myself when taking this exam so I totally understand where you are coming from but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can do this.!!
  2. nurseylove

    I have one more try in FL

    Why even ask!! You will PASS IT THIS TIME! Think positively NEVER NEGATIVE! GO into the exam room next time and think positive thoughts and tell yourself each and every day that you will pass it. Thinking negatively has been proven to give negative outcomes in situations so why do it to yourself? STUDY AND NAIL IT THIS TIME! 3rd times a charm.. Just approach your studying differently and you should succeed. Good luck.
  3. nurseylove

    What to focus on, Before Exam(HELP)

    You should make sure you get a good nights sleep- make sure you have a photo ID with you - eat breakfast - bring snacks just in case you need it =) No point in stressing or cramming any last minute information as it will only make you more nervous at this point. Sounds like you have prepared well enough :)
  4. nurseylove

    passing nclex

    Read the last sentence of your post over and over. YOU WANT THIS AND YOU WILL GET THIS!!! You worked your butt off in nursing school and you graduated what an accomplishment already! No one ever feels READY for the NCLEX!!! Trust me on that one. Do not listen to what people say as it will only discourage you more and more and make you feel more afraid. As long as you prepare for it you should succeed. Pushing the test date further and further will only make you feel less prepared in the long run. No one ever feels ready even if they do every NCLEX prep course under the sun and every NCLEX Q+A book. Truth is you will never be ready. You just need to think like a nurse and all NCLEX wants to make sure of is that you don't kill your patient.. Safety safety safety is majority of what the NCLEX stresses. Pick a date get a prep book or two and do between 75-150 MAX questions a day and make sure you take the test and review your questions/answers within the same day!! this is very important. Also make sure you read the rationales for EACH AND EVERY QUESTION! Even the easy ones.. as you will get a better understanding WHY you are getting them right/wrong.
  5. nurseylove

    Kaplan predictor tests

    I used Kaplan as we did during nursing school and I took the predictor. Whats your questions?
  6. nurseylove

    chest drainage question

    Kinda confused with the question but continuous bubbling = leak
  7. nurseylove

    failed nclex rn

    Sorry to hear that. What you should do is not do anything nclex related for a few days. get your mind off of it! Cry scream let it all out now and in a few days you should feel refreshed and ready to conquer the NCLEX and pass. Test anxiety gets to the best of us and it sounds to me like thats what you were dealing with the night before. Don't get yourself tied into too many review courses or books.. I think sticking to one or two is best and people at Kaplan who I have reached out to said the same thing. Good luck!
  8. nurseylove

    Near to Pass

    Im sorry to hear this but DONT GIVE UP!! You will get it the next time! So if you are failing at around 75 questions it means that you are not above the "passing line" level kinds of questions -- these are application/analysis type questions. You can be virtually below in one or two categories and still end up passing the boards as long as you "prove" to the computer you are getting the higher level thinking questions correct which is app/analysis type questions. Recall/Knowledge questions will be basic and are below the passing line of NCLEX. What have you done to prep? Did you use any review courses or books?
  9. nurseylove

    Studying nclex rn

    Well how do you feel when you are doing the practice questions? Only you can truly and honestly know how you are doing.
  10. nurseylove

    How to study questions using kaplan?

    Well I think its best to take a test.. lets say you do a QBANK for 100 questions. Remediate ASAP!! Take a little break after you test and then come back and remediate the exam ASAP. Its not good to look over the rationales days after you already took the exam.
  11. nurseylove


    GOOD LUCK!!!! You will do fine. Don't forget to breathe and relax during the exam and take a break whenever you feel like your brain is fried!
  12. nurseylove

    NCLEX-RN Review Courses

    I personally would just focus on ONE review course. It seems like all of the people I know who were juggling multiple review courses felt unprepared because they were jumping from one to an other. Pick the one which works best for YOU and which course you actually feel is helping you out the most! Good luck. Don't forget to read ALL of the rationales.. even if you are getting them correct!! This is key to passing the NCLEX.
  13. nurseylove

    I just passed my nclex!!!

    Congrats, Nurse ~!!
  14. nurseylove

    THIRD NCLEX ATTEMPT! Study/preparation suggestions?

    PDA by Lacharity was the king of all NCLEX prep for me.. these are majority of the types of questions I saw on the NCLEX in Aug '14. Make sure to read ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS/RATIONALES even if you got them CORRECT!! you must understand WHY you are getting questions right or wrong especially since most of the times they might be lucky guesses :-)
  15. nurseylove

    Kaplan VS Hurst coming from ATI

    People have passed with Hurst failed with Hurst and vice versa for other programs. It depends on what kind of learner you are. Kaplan is more of a test taking strategy prep course. Of course they do have videos giving you a recap of sections which we learned about in school but they focus on more of test taking skills versus content. Hurst is more of a content recap NCLEX prep course. So it depends what kind of learner you are. Do you want to sit through videos such as in Hurst and get a "recap" of all the systems / content areas or do you want to learn test taking skills such as Kaplan teaches. My school used Kaplan throughout although I know people who still have yet to pass the Nclex. Same with Hurst. Its about what will work best for you :-) Pretty sure each site gives you a little sample of the content which they teach so you might want to check it out.
  16. nurseylove


    I think you are in good shape. You used various amounts of NCLEX prep. You are scoring high on all of the prep you are using. I personally think PDA is the bible of nclex prep and is the reason I passed. No one ever feels "READY" for the NCLEX.