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  1. Myworl

    Passed NCLEX-RN for the 1st time!

    What did you do to pass the nclex? I'm taking mine in December and I'm using Kaplan.my score are between 50-65%. Any tips for passing the nclex?
  2. Myworl

    Today is MY big day!!

    What will be your comment about Kaplan? I'm using Kaplan for my next exam.My scores are not that high. What will you suggest to get a high percentage in all the qbank and qtrainer.I'm taking mine in December.
  3. Myworl

    Second Taker.. ADVICE PLEASE! :)

    Congratulations! Is Kaplan helps you a lot on your 2nd attempt? Coz I'm using it now for my coming exam. What are your tips to pass this exam?
  4. Myworl

    I passed my boards!!

    Hi I'm taking mine in December. My scores are not so good.i'm using Kaplan and my scores are diagnostic 63%, qt1 62%,qt2 52%,qt3 53%.l'm really scared because this is my 4th time taking this test. I really some advise.please!
  5. Myworl

    Only a few more days left

    What resources did you use the first time you took your nclex?
  6. Myworl

    took nclex-rn....

    Sorry to hear that! I'm trying to take the test again in decemer. Like you I'm using Kaplan. I'm super scared to take this test again. My grades are not so good. My diagnostic 63%,qt1 62%,qt2 53%. What do you thing of my score and Kaplan? I only have 1 and half months to review. I really need to pass this time. Please any advise!
  7. Myworl

    Taking NCLEX in 6 Weeks Using Kaplan Review!

    When will you take your exam? I'm also taking mine in December.i'm using kaplan. My scores are not that good. Diagnostic 63%, Qt1 61%, Qt2 52%. I took the test before.any advise please!
  8. Myworl

    3rd attempt in a few days

    What did you do to pass the nclex? I'm taking mine on December. Right now I'm using Kaplan and hurst. I took nclex several times. Pls. Need your advise?
  9. Myworl

    Taking nclex rn in november

    I'm taking mine on December. My qtrainer 1 score 62%.
  10. Myworl

    3rd attempt in a few days

    Natnat28 what materials are you using? I'm going to take mine on Dec.
  11. Myworl

    Trying to stay calm

    I'm using Kaplan too. My exam is on Dec.how long did you study for this test?
  12. Myworl

    Trying to stay calm

    Congratulations! What kind of book/resources did you use to make you pass?
  13. Myworl

    Studying nclex rn

    When will you take your exam?
  14. Myworl

    How to study questions using kaplan?

    How long have you been reviewing for nclex? I'll be taking mine on december but until now I have not yet start my review. I have Kaplan and Davis q & a. I don't know were to start? Pls, need some advise! Thank you!