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How did *you* rock it today?


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I got a great score on a hard test. :clap:

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My clinical instructor asked for my permission to use my 12 page COPD paper I spent hours on as an "example of a well-connected pathomap". All that hard work sure was worth it :)


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Rocked my last fundamentals exam.

Our check-offs are done by one instructor and two students at a time. We had catheter check-offs and not only did I pass, but I could explain why the other student failed...

Thanks to youtube.com and the New England Journal of Medicine's video about foley catheters!


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Passed my female cath in check off today! I bombed the blue sterile drape yesterday and decided to go right back today and rock it out. My instructor told me it was the best female cath she's seen in lab all day and that my technique and sterile gloving were excellent. I really needed to hear that!!! :)


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i passed my third med-surge test, level i, i got one more to go and final to take!

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I was able to sit still for 6 hours of lecture.

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I rocked it again today! I passed my first dosage test with a 96%. This is the first time in my entire life to get an A on a math test. No calculators allowed. Next quarter we are allowed to use calculators.

Whew! Took two tests today after one yesterday! Passed yesterday's with an 87, just found out. Hopefully good grades today too.

I stopped a order for NORCO that a PA wrote because I realized the patient was allergic to Vicodin

A patient asked me what something meant, and I was able to explain until they understood :D

Yay for us!