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  1. morningland

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I am staying and working through this but let me say this: I genuinely thank you who are taking a stand and quitting. It is a fact that our hospital systems do not care about the well being of us, our families or the community. A change needs to happen and it can’t unless a large number of us say “enough” and stay home, demanding a change. someone needs to stay for the patients but more need to take a stand and quit.
  2. morningland

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    I’m in Phoenix. It has been very very slow all over the valley with low census’. Before this I was racking up mad amounts of overtime, now people are being called off for low census. We will see what happens in the coming weeks
  3. morningland

    Best Flashcard app

    Hey, I'm looking for a flashcard app for my iPhone that will let me type them up on a computer and the cards will sync to my app. Does anyone know of such an app. There are a ton of good flashcard apps, but they all make you type the cards on the iphone which I am horriable at. It would be so much faster if I could type them on my computer and they would sync to my phone for studying
  4. morningland

    How to cope with poor memory

    I'm a floor nurse on a busy med/surg ortho floor. Been doing it for four years and I love it... more or less. My memory has never been great, but over the last year it is deteriorated to the point that I am really alarmed. I can't remember pt history, admitting dx, things like that to save my life! I really rely on having my computer in front of me or having it written down. I've actually seen my PCP over it and had a freaking head CT, which was WNL. Anyways, does anyone out there suffer with this? I am great great great with tasky, floor stuff but man on man this memory issue has always made my job harder then it seems it needs to be. I also have been treated for ADHD, the meds didn't help at all.
  5. I have always been a night owl. Working days was challanging because I always needed a sleep aid to help me fall asleep so eairly (2100-2200). Been working nights for a year and a half. I have always slept like a baby during the days, no problems. But now I am having trouble, I have gone 10 days without good sleep. First issue, is this. I have five days off in a row and I have tried to get myself into a day schedule by coming home at 0700, sleeping until 1100, then staying up until 0000-0200. Should be able to sleep right? nope. I always wake up 3-4 hours later and then I am utterly wiped out. The same thing will usually happen the second or third night and I am a zombie. Now, the issue is that I am even having trouble sleeping during the day! Even though I am beyond tired. I wake up after only three hours of sleep. I fear I am developing shift workers sleep disorder. I use night shades other than my days off I go to be at roughly the same time Ambien puts me to sleep, but I wake up three hours later Trazadone does the same I am trying melatonin and valarian root tonight. Anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it? I'd like to try and have some level of a social life by being able to be awake during the day on my days off. Is this doable, or am I bound to a night schedule. In the end, I wish there was a medication that would knock me out and keep me out for 7-8 hours. Any advice would be so appreciated.
  6. This has ALWAYS ALWAYS annoyed me, but the OP sounds like an objectively "good" nurse. For me, I've never quite understood the whole point of a lecture in reporting. I have trouble remembering multiple things at once (it is one of the reasons why floor nursing is not something I will retire into), so I just wanna know the importants: Why are they here, what have we done for them, whats the plan of care, any recent pain meds, accu check, ect ect ect. I dont' need to hear about every little detail; I don't need to know about the dump they took back in 1989, I don't need to know that they didn't like there dinner tray (but still ate it). I need to prioritize the IMPORTANT information so that the NON-VITAL information doesn't get in the way. Just keep it simple! I remember once, I forgot to write down an accu check but it was around 190. When I was reporting, I was nervous and said "it was 190 or 193" and she was like "well, which one is it?!?!?" Well, who gives a sh-t, because it doesn't make a difference! They are still well within the sliding scale on our unit to give two units of insulin. I'm not saying it wasn't wrong for me to wing it, but the point is that she was making a big deal on something that IN NO WAY was going to impact what I needed to do. It really sucks to get mad dogged in report, but at least you can hang your hat on all the good you did. I have a hard time with that. I can do so much for my patients and forget about all of it because I let a jerk beat me down
  7. What is your process for removing a PICC dressing while still maintaining sterile tecnique? I set up my field, partially remove the tegaderm (sp), glove up, slide my sterile hand under the teg and pull the dressing off with my dirty hand; then I grab my cloroform wand with my sterile hand, clean and replace the biopatch? Have I broken Sterile tech? What is your process?
  8. morningland

    Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    We had a nurse, who had something like 15 years exp at a busy Boston Hospital, hire in at our rural facility and just crashed and burned. Management was suspicious of her, so they checked her omnicell med pull records and she had something like 50 wrong pulls in a day. I mean, how does that even happen? She was hopelessly behind on her meds; okay, it happens -- I have no judgement against her. But we came to find that she was stashing all her late meds in her bag. Not narcotics, mind you; antibiotics and BP meds! So she was trying to cover her mistakes by stealing meds from her patients. That is what I call stupid, and wildly unethical
  9. morningland

    How do I know I am "ready" to be a travel nurse

    Thanks a lot for the thoughtful advise, man. Really appreciate it. I feel like I am ready, although it may be good to stick to my first plan and gain two years in PEDS. I already have PALS, ACLS, TNCC, and Rural Trauma and my interpersonal skills and team work skills are phenominal. Also, I am fully confident that I can adapt quickly to a new facility and fit in well; I feel I am pretty gifted in that. My hospital wants to send me down to the ER for three months to float, due to their low census. I am against and was planning to resign but, then again, it may be a good test to see if I am ready for travel nurse -- to go down to a unit I am unfamilur with and make it work.
  10. Okay, I'm gonna level with everyone I REALLY want to be a travel nurse. It has been my dream for a while. I have 2 years exp in Med Surg and 1yr in Peds, but I still don't know if I would consider myself an excellent nurse. I provide safe care, and I am attentive to my patients needs but I often feel that my in depth knowledge is lacking. I feel absolutely comfortable in my core nursing skills and I will have no problem adjusting to new work environments very quickly. I actually worked as a float CNA once where I was at a new hospital and floor every day. I picked it up really fast and all the nurses loved me even though I wasn't the most amazing CNA; I just had an awesome attitude, helped out and gave quality vitals. My question is that, I know you are expected to "hit the ground running" as a travel nurse. I have no question as to whether I can jump on a floor, pick up the flow of the unit and function as a safe nurse. But what if I still have questions? I am expecting that I will just reference topics on my own but does this mean I am not ready to be a traveler? To be honest, I am always having to refresh my knowledge and re-educate myself; does that mean I am not ready to be a travler? I feel ready, though.
  11. morningland

    Orientee Horror Stories?

    I've been a nurse for two years, and I can remember what what kind of insulin Humalog is. My hospital doesn't given it. I had to LOOK IT UP and, per my suspicion, it's a rapid acting insulin. So that tells me I need to have food at the bedside before I give it and make sure his sugar indicates he really needs it. How would it be a "horror story" because I can't remember every detail of this vast amount of medical knowledge???? EDIT: Okay, I have to change my stance, I re read the post and didn't realize that she had grabbed 80 units of a rapid acting insulin and was like "okay, I can give this now, right?". Yeah, that is a scary story. I see the fault wasn't that she didn't know what humalog was (I forgot) but that she did not validate what it was before she was preparing to give it.
  12. morningland

    Orientee Horror Stories?

    Finally! Some humility! I mean, why is this such a big deal. So she isn't familiar with Humalog, BFD! Just look it up and move one. Honestly, reading this thread reinforces why I really hate most nurses. I respect that they are so proficient at what they do, but they just seem like such arrogant people. They really come off across like they never make mistakes, or have moments of poor judgment. I'm not trying to make excuses for the people who screw up, or even try and say they are wrong for being so "on top of everything", but they just really come across as if they are perfect nurses and everyone else is stupid. It's because of these people why we have to deal with such understaffed floors. There is no true patience to peoples different learning needs, so people feel intimidated and go by the wayside.
  13. morningland

    Why Is It That Everyone Thinks They're A Good Nurse?

    Actually, you guys are absolutely right. Imagine how much we would grow if we would just take every bit of negative criticism, apply it to out practice and grow from it. Nursing is very hard and only a very few naturally fit into it well. Most of us only become good or even adequate by years of dedication, struggle and perseverance.
  14. morningland

    Why Is It That Everyone Thinks They're A Good Nurse?

    I think to be a great nurse, you not only have to master the art of the practice but be perfect in your charting and completing all the minutia. I have a lot of respect for people that can do that, although they tend to be incredibly OCD. I imagine them as the kind of people who, in their life outside of work, crap themselves with anxiety when their spice rack isn't perfectly organized. I am not one of the those people, and I always get pulled aside an lectured about not crossing every T and dotting every I. That means I will probably never be a great nurse, however, I provide good care. I listen to my patients, take the time to make them feel comfortable and always ALWAYS double check what I am doing. I've even made a few quick decisions that have saved peoples lives, but I still don't consider myself a great nurse. Maybe only a good one, but I am happy with that.
  15. morningland

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I think I will be able to pull it off... I don't mean to brag (because I barely passed nursing school, lol) but my world record is writting a paper, from first looking at the signment to turned in in just 90 mins... and I got an A! lol. sorry, I was honestly wondering if this school is just too easy because I hardly have trouble pulling in A's... except in statistics. How has everyone else's experience? Getting good grades is hard work, but do you think the school is a little easy sometimes?
  16. morningland

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Yeah, which class has two papers a week; that is the one I will take on my own. I talked to my counsler today and we decided I should take: patho alone, one class, two classes at a time So, it would help to know which class has two papers at a time, I will take that one alone.