How old were you/how long did it take?


How old were you when you began practicing as a CNM and how long did it take you to become a CNM? I ask because I am 26 and will only JUST be starting my prerequisites to apply for the ADN program that starts next fall. I have 2 young girls, 3.5 years old and 8 months old. There may or may not be more children in the future (but not before I finish my ADN)

My plan is to become an RN (3 years from now god-wiling) to work p/t, complete my RN to BSN online (1 year) and then apply to a distance school like Frontier to become a CNM (2-3 years depending if its p/t or f/t). SO I think Im looking at 6-8 years if I dont take break, which I think realistically Im looking at 7-10, putting me at anywhere from 32-36 years old when I finally begin to practice.

So what was your path to midwifery like? How long did it take you to get here and how old were you when you began to practice?


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I think you are still very young. I am 37 and waiting to see if I get into an ABSN program. Good luck and don't worry about your age! :)


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Not really worried, I am just curious. I'm actually kind of grateful to be going to school now a little later, especially with a family and more responsibilities. I feel like I am taking it much more seriously and I kind of HAVE to give it my all and do well because I simply cannot afford a do-over

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I decided to become a midwife in high school. I went to a traditional 4 year BSN program for undergrad. I worked for a year in med/surg after graduating, then started back to school for midwifery part-time while still working full-time on med/surg. Transferred to mother/baby unit right before I was supposed to start clinicals, and decided to take a year off of school because I needed a break personally and financially, and felt I had a lot to focus on just working as a nurse on M/B. After that year, I started clinicals, while only working part-time. My final semester I went per diem (but did not actually work any hours) and lived off the remainder of my savings. I was 27 when I graduated, had just turned 28 when I started working as a midwife. My original plan, while still in high school, was to go completely straight through, not even work as a nurse, and be a midwife by 24. I saw along my path how many opportunities there were/how much there was to learn as a floor nurse. I'm definitely the youngest of the midwives I work with, but a few were only a few years older than me when they started. I also work with midwives who were 50-year-old new grads. There are so many paths and it's a nice mix of experience.


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I went straight from high school to a 4 year BSN. For the past 18 years I have worked L&D, Mother Baby, and NICU to become well-rounded. Most of the time I have worked part-time. The flexibility in work hours of staff nursing really worked for my young family. With a husband who sometimes traveled for work and no family close by to babysit, childcare can be a big issue if you have to find somewhere for your children to be in the evenings, weekends, nights, or on holidays.

I waited for my kids to become teens before starting back in graduate school. I will graduate as a CNM next June at the age of 41.

Your route will depend upon your circumstances. Becoming a life-long learner keeps you on your path, no matter what your job title happens to be in the moment.


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I am 35 and will be beginning my BSN in just a few weeks- I plan to work after I graduate Dec 2015 and apply to begin CNM program in August 2016, so I will be at least 40 when I start working as a midwife. I have followed many paths, each one uniquely delivering me to where I am now. In some aspects I do wish that I were younger, but if I were, I wouldn't be ready to be here yet. As long as you are physically, emotionally, and mentally capable, I don't thing there is an age limit concerning when you begin


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My own midwife went to midwifery school at 40. She had a 4-year old son she had to leave behind while she studied hundreds of miles away. I believe she's 62 now. I'm so glad she made that leap because I wouldn't trade her for the world. :)


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Ixchel now RN. Congrats!!!!


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Ixchel now RN. Congrats!!!!

Why, thank you, love! I love that age does not slow anyone down in this thread. When I first went to school, I realized I'd be at least 37 when I eventually complete my masters. A wonderful friend told me I'll be 37 with or without a masters degree. It's up to me to decide which I prefer. And it's true - age shouldn't make a difference.

Being on this side of my youth (I'm 33 now), and this side of parenting, I can say life experience gave me a leg up on some of my student counterparts. Only 2 of us in my cohort were over 30 (heck, over 23! Traditional Bachelors programs usually have younger students.) and I do believe some life experience and maturity helped in certain clinical situations and considering quality of life issues for patients and families. Some things you just can't possibly understand as well until you experience them. Books don't tell you the lived experience.

I wish you well, friend! Good luck in future endeavors!


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I'm not a midwife yet, but I am starting school this fall to become one through Frontier. I'm 25 right now and if all goes as planned, I'll be 27-just turning 28 when I graduate. I am single (I have a boyfriend who is long-distance right now because of his schooling), no kids, so I figured this was the best time to do something that I've been wanting to do since nursing school.

Good luck :-)


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I'm so encouraged to read this thread! I am 32 and just beginning my prerequisites and its a bit overwhelming. Good luck to everyone :)


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My end goal is to be a CNM someday! I got interested in nursing after I had my son, I LOVED the nurses that helped me and that sparked my interest! Since then my interest has grown to midwifery as well. I'm 27 and still doing pre-nursing courses. If all goes to plan I should have my associates RN about 2018 or so....then going to bridge to BSN and I pray and hope get a job in labor and delivery! We'll see how everything else goes and when I feel it's right will go for my CNM.